10 meals for less than USD 10 in Miami

Paisa tray from Mi Colombia Cafeteria, in North Beach. (Tasty Planet) (Tasty Planet/)

Miami It’s a city known for anything but save you money. Food is no exception, but here we advise you how to spend a few days Eating delicious Y for little money. the 10 dishes for less than $10 They not only take care of your pocket but are among the favorites of the locals and offer you a tour of the kitchen of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Bread with suckling pig
A delicious bread with suckling pig from Papo Arrives and Pon. (Tasty Planet)

1. Bread with suckling pig

Papo Arrives and Pon2928 NW 17th Ave, Miami, (305) 635-0137

Papo’s bread with suckling pig Arrives and Pons it is a simple and tasty sandwich. The piglet is pecked in front of you, with chopped white onion, mojo (a dressing of oil, herbs and spices) and hot sauce. Its two sizes, small and medium, cost less than $10. Enjoy this little Puerto Rican corner, a small place of those that are less and less in the city every day.

Cuban Fries
This dish will allow you to understand why they call it the Wizard of Fries. (CC/Flickr/Gourmadj)

2. Double Cuban frita with cheese

The Wizard of Fries5828 SW 8th St, Miami, (305) 266-8486

Ortelio Cardenas (the Magician himself) has spent almost 30 years in front of this grill. His famous version of the Cuban frita has been tasted even by former President Barack Obama. Two hash patties topped with American cheese and a mountain of shredded French fries, on a tender bun, will give your palate a taste of glory. for only $9.

Chicken salad
The Last Carrot Chicken Salad is a light and delicious dish. (Last Carrot)

3. Chicken salad

The Last Carrot3133 Grand Ave, Miami, (305) 445-0805

The clientele consists mostly of 9 to 5 workers. Perhaps the only criticism that can be made of The Last Carrot is that closes early, at 6 pm. In any case, it is worth making time to enjoy this green salad of lettuce, tomato, carrot, sprouts and cucumber, covered with the house chicken salad.

Tray paisa
The hearty tray paisa is enough for two. (Tasty Planet) (Tasty Planet/)

4. Paisa tray

My Colombia702 71st St, Miami Beach, (305)-867-1013

This small restaurant only offers counter seating, but Colombian food is delicious here. The tray paisa (name of Medellin) is a huge plate with steak, fried pork ribs, beans, fried ripe plantain, rice, avocado and an egg. Its price ($11) breaks the $10 rule, but it’s more than enough for two at just $5.50 per person.

Grilled chicken
A complete dinner for only $8. (Naomi’s Garden Restaurant & Lounge)

5. Complete with roast chicken

Naomi’s Garden Restaurant & Lounge, 650 NW 71st St, Miami, (305) 456-4715

One steak with two sides from Naomi’s Garden Restaurant & Lounge can feed an army. Offers the classics of Haitian cooking for beginners. Lamb is a favorite, but you can’t go wrong with roast chicken. For just $8 you’ll enjoy a combination of half a chicken, a head of rice and kale. Enough to fill you up and save some leftovers for the next day.

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You can not miss the empanadas

6. Pies

Graziano’s Restaurant9227 SW 40th St, Miami, (305) 225-0008

This institution of Argentine cuisine, famous for its meats, wines and a well-stocked market, the empanadas also attract attention. They offer chicken, beef, spinach, ham, cheese and lamb.

midnight sandwich
A midnight sandwich is good at any time. (Miami Sandwich / Tasty Planet)

7. Midnight

Miami Sandwich2057 SW 8th St, Miami, (305) 539-0969

A midnight sandwich is basically a Cuban (ham, suckling pig, Swiss cheese, pickle and mustard) on sweet bread. For $9.59, midnight on Miami Sandwich It’s the only dish under $10 on the menu.

Special Cuban Sandwich
The Cuban sandwich, a Miami classic (Versailles Restaurant)

8. Cuban special

Versailles Restaurant3555 SW 8th St, Miami (305) 444-0240

This famous place on Calle 8 is a must-see for tourists and almost a temple for locals. For $9.50, the best cuban sandwich of the city is a gift, but if you have a sweet tooth you can order the special for only USD 1 more. It is bigger and loads more of everything you like so much.

Grilled meat
This list could only be about fritangas (Tasty Planet)

9. Roast meat

pineland119 NW 12th Ave, Miami (305) 325-8663

The Nicaraguan fritangas they are ubiquitous in Miami. They all offer a delicious menu of simple and hearty dishes for around $10, but Pinolandia stands out among them. open 24 hours a day and the roast beef is always fresh.

Taquiza Restaurant
Mexican food by the beach in South Beach. (Taquiza)

10. Tortilla chips and pumpkin quesadillas

Taquiza1351 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, (305) 203-2197

People come to Taquiza for the tacos and return for the tortilla chips and pumpkin quesadilla, both of which are under $10.


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