13 phrases by Lionel Scaloni: from the “annoyance” due to the absence of Cuti Romero to the question about the World Cup figures that dislocated him

The coach spoke before the first friendly in the United States

Lionel Scalloni He spoke before the match against Honduras that Argentina will dispute this friday from 21 in the Hard Rock Stadium of Miami, USA. It will be one of the last friendlies before the Qatar World Cup because the next one will be Tuesday against Jamaica in New York and then him November 22th, the debut in the great tournament against Saudi Arabia.

The technician, who takes 33 games undefeated, will not be able to count for this commitment with Christian skin Rosemary, who due to problems with his visa could not join the rest of the group on time. These two commitments will be key for the coaching staff that on October 21 will have to give the final list of those who will travel to Qatar.


Situation of Cuti Romero and Lisandro Martínez

Romero’s situation bothers me, because I would like to have him here and he is stuck in Argentina because of the visa issue and cannot travel. It’s a problem because it’s the last time for us to work together. The case of Lisandro Martínez, I haven’t been able to talk to him yet, but if he’s fit enough he’ll play.

The team that will present with Honduras

This selection showed that whoever plays the team always plays the same way. We know what we play. lately we had a team that came from memory, but tomorrow we will surely make some variants. We trust that those who enter will do very well.

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Anxiety in the months leading up to the World Cup

When it came to me as a player, I had the opportunity to play in an FA Cup final when I was already on the list. I think that on the court the player is going to leave everything. You have to get rid of his nervousness, even though he is a World Cup. You have to have continuity in the clubs. I think it’s not worth taking care of yourself, but making yourself available to the coach that each one of you has on your team.

Call for Enzo Fernandez

All those who are summoned have chances to play. He was already in previous calls. We value that he can have the chance of it. He is a player who can give us things, like Exequiel Palacios, who could not come due to injury. The important thing is that we have very good players.

World Cup roster setup

You have to see what is valued to each one as a striker. I think that’s important on this list. When the time comes, we have to see how the players are. There are some who are not today, as in the case of Juan (Foyth) or Exequiel (Palacios). Today it is useless to say how many defenders or forwards I will carry. Everything you say now doesn’t make much sense.

Expectations for the two friendlies against Honduras and Jamaica

This team always plays the same way. In these games we will try to do something different to practice it in case we have to apply it in the World Cup. If there are doubts, they are not based on performance, but on what can help me in Qatar. But in a month everything can change. Player returns may vary. Today we think about playing two very good games.

His sensations of the first rival: Honduras

It is a good selection that has been in World Cups. I have a lot of respect for him because he has tradition. We are going to leave the best, because we do not underestimate anyone.

Similarity between Honduras and Mexico, Argentina’s second rival in the World Cup

They are two very good selections. We do not seek to confront Honduras because of its similarity to Mexico, but because the possibility arose. Not all teams belonging to the same confederation play the same way.

Fear of a possible rough game by Honduras

I never saw rough play from Honduras. This is football and there will be a referee who must make decisions. We are calm and hope that a good show will come out.

Injury of Juan Foyth, one of the absentees in this call

It is a particular case because he can play central or lateral. It gives you many possibilities. His loss is a loss, because he had been playing at a very good level and would be in a position to be in this call.

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Injury of Exequiel Palacios, another of those absent in the United States

I am worried that it will arrive well to the date. You have to assess the possibility of recovery. I am interested in being in a position when I have to put together the final list.

The present of Lionel Messi

He always wants to play. With me I have already stated it a lot of times: he is always going to play. It is a case different from the others, needless to say. He is very good, happy, in a team that understands his way of playing. We are very happy for your present.

The sensation generated by the album of figurines

My son puts the figurines together and must have the same problem. He didn’t know they were sold out. Nor did he know that it was Leo’s first match with the National Team shirt. I hope you can enjoy it.


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