15 iPhone Features You Didn’t Know About That Will Save You More Time

Rear cameras of the iPhone 12. (photo: Engadget)

You can use the iPhone every day, but you may not be aware of all the features your device has, even if you are a customer of Manzana several years.

You surely don’t know that can turn the apple on the back into a button, nor that youYou have the ability to measure objects with your iPhone.

In infobae we bring you 15 tips to make the most of your mobile device. It should be noted that these functions can not only be enjoyed in the latest iPhone models; just update to the latest version of the operating system ios and ready.

1. Measure objects

It is a classic that whenever you need to measure something, you never find a tape measure to do it. iOS 15 and later versions have a built-in measurement tool that you can use to measure parts and objects.

It is not 100% accurate But it is a useful tool to use when you need to measure an object or the distance between two objects in a hurry. Follow these steps to do so:

– Open the application Measurement

– Move your iPhone so the device can analyze the area

– Hold your iPhone so that the camera points at the object you want to measure

– Move your iPhone until you see a white circle with a dot in the middle

– Align the white point with the edge of the item you want to measure

– Press the white button with the sign +

– Drag to the opposite edge of the element

– Press the white button with the sign

– The application will show the estimated measurement

Meter on the iPhone.  (photo: La Verdad Noticias)
Meter on the iPhone. (photo: La Verdad Noticias)

2. Make the most of 3D touch

To save seconds throughout the day, remember that most iPhones have a setting called 3D Touch.

By generating more force to the touch screen, applications can respond by displaying menus, additional content, or playing animations.

For example, the Camera app offers a shortcut to take a selfie, record a video, scan a QR code, or take a portrait photo.

3D button on your iPhone for applications.  (photo: as.com)
3D button on your iPhone for applications. (photo: as.com)

3. Write with one hand

Smartphone screens are getting bigger and bigger, making typing difficult, especially with one hand. Your iPhone has a feature to miniature the keyboard so you can use one hand to type and the other to do whatever you need to do. Here’s how to activate the feature:

– Keep up long press the emoji or globe icon at the bottom left of the keyboard

– Select a left-handed or right-handed keyboard icon

– Tap the arrow in the space created by the keyboard to return to normal

One-handed keyboard on iPhone.  (photo: iPhoneA2)
One-handed keyboard on iPhone. (photo: iPhoneA2)

4. Use the document scanner in the Notes application

Apple has implemented a useful document scanner directly in the Notes application. Here’s how to use it:

– Open the application Grades

– Create a new note or open an existing one

– Touch the central icon on your iPhone keyboard

– I touched Scan a document

– Use the camera button or the volume buttons on your iPhone to take a photo of your document

– Adjust the corners of the document by touching and dragging them, if necessary.

– Click on Keep

Notes application scanner on iPhone.  (photo: TodoAppleBlog)
Notes application scanner on iPhone. (photo: TodoAppleBlog)

5. Erase everything on iPhone after 10 unsuccessful password attempts

The ability to erase all mobile data after 10 unsuccessful password attempts is hidden in your phone’s settings.

While the possibility of this data loss may seem scary, it is highly unlikely that your partner or child will accidentally erase all of your data. The reason is that after the fifth failed password entry, iOS requires a 1 minute timeout before it can try to enter the password again. After the sixth attempt, a 5 minute time-out will be obtained. After the seventh, 15 minutes, etc.

This means that It will take you more than 3 hours to enter 10 wrong passwords. Here’s how to enable this setting.

– I touched Settings

– Scroll to Touch ID and Password

– Enter your password

– Change the setting Delete data to Activated

Clear iPhone data after 10 failed password attempts.  (photo: Digital Children)
Clear iPhone data after 10 failed password attempts. (photo: Digital Children)

6. Activate Do Not Disturb While Driving

Apple hopes to prevent accidents and reduce distracted driving with this new feature. Block incoming calls, text messages and notifications when iPhone detects acceleration or connects to your car’s Bluetooth.

When someone tries to contact you, your iPhone sends an auto-reply message to let that person know you’re driving.

This feature can be disabled for passengers, and if there is an emergency and someone needs to reach you, they can always contact you by replying to a text message that says “urgent.”

To activate the profile, simply do the following:

– Go to Setting

– Click on Do not bother

– Click on Automatic if you want the profile to be activated when motion is detected

– Press While connected to your Bluetooth in case your car has this technology

– I touched Handbook if you don’t want the settings to be activated automatically

– I touched Automatic reply to customize and edit the message, if desired

Do not disturb mode while driving.  (photo: The best apps for iPhone and iPad)
Do not disturb mode while driving. (photo: The best apps for iPhone and iPad)

7. Replace complete sentences with one word

Your iPhone has a text replacement feature that allows you to type just a few characters instead of spending a long time typing everything. This is how you can do it:

– Open Settings

– I touched general

– I touched Keyboard

– I touched Text replacement

– Touch the + in the upper right corner

– In the countryside Sentence, type the word or phrase for which you want to create a shortcut

– In the field of direct access, type the text you want to replace with the phrase

– I touched Keep in the upper right corner

Replace a text with a word on iPad.  (photo: Apple Support)
Replace a text with a word on iPhone. (photo: Apple Support)

8. Custom vibrations

You may already have a custom ringtone for when some friends and family call you, but this is not useful when the phone is in silent mode.

Your iPhone allows you to create and assign custom vibrations to specific contacts. This is what to do:

Open Settings

– select Sounds and haptics

– select Ringtone

– select Vibration

– I touched Create new vibration

– Create a new vibration by tapping and holding as you like

– I touched Stop in the lower right corner.

– I touched Keep in the upper right corner

Name vibration

After creating the custom vibration, Here’s what you need to do to assign it to a contact:

– Open the application Contacts:

– Choose the contact you want to assign the custom vibration to.

– I touched Edit in the upper right corner

– select Vibration

– Choose the new vibration you created earlier

Different vibrations on iPhone.  (photo: iPhone news)
Different vibrations on iPhone. (photo: iPhone news)

9. Delete digit by digit in calculator

The Calculator app on iPhone doesn’t work as well as a physical one. This is because you can accidentally press a key that you don’t want.

At that moment surely press the C or AC button to start overBut you should know that your iPhone app always has a back button:

Simply swipe left or right at the top of the screen where the numbers are displayed. Your scan will erase the last number touched.

Calculator on iPhone.  (photo: aatma)
Calculator on iPhone. (photo: aatma)

10. Hide photos

Sometimes it happens that he saves photos on the roll that are daring, or that not everyone should see.

When you give your iPhone to someone else, This can slide and see something a photo or video that you should not have to.

Fortunately, you can prevent this from happening by hiding some photos.

Open the app Photos

– Enter a photo that you want to hide.

– Touch the icon in the lower left corner

– select Hide

Now that photo will be found in an album called Hidden at the bottom of your album list.

IPhone Hidden Album.  (photo: Teknófilo)
IPhone Hidden Album. (photo: Teknófilo)

But you can also hide this album. To do so, follow these steps:

– Go to Settings

– Look for the option Photos

– Deactivate the option Hidden Album to hide this section in the Photos application.

Hide photos.  (photo: DeStreaming.es)
Hide photos. (photo: DeStreaming.es)

11. Record videos faster

Sometimes you need to quickly capture a moment and when you open the camera app and switch it to video mode, the moment is past.

The latest iPhones have a new setting that allows you to record much faster than before:

Open the app Camera

– Hold down the shutter button at the bottom to start filming

– Release your thumb or finger when you want to stop recording.

Record a video from the camera in the section of
Record a video from the camera in the “photo” section. (photo: TechnoBezz)

12. Mute calls from strangers

If you are on vacation and only want to take calls from people in your contact list, you can do the following:

– Open Setting

– Choose Telephone

– Choose Mute unknown calls

Unknown calls.  (photo: Howapple)
Unknown calls. (photo: Howapple)

13. Turn the apple on the back into a button

A very cool trick that will allow you to have more functions on your iPhone with just one or two taps:

– Go to Setting

– Then Accessibility

– In that menu, find Play and, once inside, click Back touch

A menu will appear with two options: Double touch Y Triple tap

You can choose between: vibrate, volume down, lock screen, screenshot, control center, notification center, easy access, start, switch apps, mute, siri, focus and increase volume

Touch apple to perform functions on iPhone.  (photo: Cinco Días - EL PAÍS)
Touch apple to perform functions on iPhone. (photo: Cinco Días – EL PAÍS)

14. Use Siri to play a radio station

You can ask Siri play your favorite radio stations. Here’s what to ask your Apple assistant:

Activate Siri by pressing and holding the power button or with the command “Hey Siri”

– Say “Siri, play the radio station (radio station name)”

Use Siri to display the COVID-19 vaccination certificate.  (photo: Hypertextual)
Use Siri to listen to a radio station. (photo: Hypertextual)

15. Close tabs automatically

Open your Setting

– I touched Safari

– I touched Close tabs

– You can configure it to close your tabs every day, every week, every month, or leave it in manual mode

Apple's Safari browser.  (photo: THE TRIBUNE)
Apple’s Safari browser. (Photo: )


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