Irma Serrano, ‘La Tigresa’, died at 89 years of age

The actress Irma Serranobetter known as “The tigress» passed away at 89 years of age, reports the National Association of Interpreters.

It was consecrated in the 1960s as one of the most popular interpreters of ranch musicfor which it was known as “The Tigress of the Song«, at the same time he developed a film career; she participated in tapes like «The lovers of the lord of the night», «Naná», «Lola la Trailera», «Cabaret Nights», «Santo against the Tigress», «La Martina», among other.

In 1973 he decided to buy the Virginia Fábregas Theater, which he remodeled and renamed Fru Fru Theaterwhere he began introduce herself as a theater actress and producer of various plays.

From 1994 to the year 2000, he ventured into politics.oh he was part of the Senate of Mexico.

On her Twitter account, the National Association of Interpreters reported:

“The sensitive death of the partner interpreter Irma Serrano. Known as ‘The Tigress’was a Mexican singer, actress and politician with a long career. To your family and friends We send our deepest condolences.”
Although in recent years I was away from the mediaon his Instagram account was active, there he shared several photos of his long artistic career.

In December 2022 he celebrated his 89 years thanking life, and shared a photograph in which he looks his characteristic eyebrows and tabby look.

«Today life gives me the opportunity to celebrate and thank the sun for one more turn, so much so that thank health, family and love of mine. Thank you for so much », she reads herself.

On social networks, several celebrities are expressing their condolences, including Nigris Ponchowith whom he had an alleged romance that was as controversial as the one he was said to have had with the politician Patricio “Duck” Zambranobecause in both cases they were several years younger than the actress.

«RIP Doña Irma Serrano. A frena of its times, fly high, two days before my birthday. To remember her with a tequila as she liked. love and peace to allsoon we will meet somewhere else” wrote on their networks, where shared a photo with lover of antiques.

“La Tigresa”, also spied on in the 70s

The controversial plays that he was riding —in which there was a clear allusion political figures of the time, like the former president Gustavo Diaz Ordaz—, the attacks he suffered by members of the National Action Partyl (PAN) —for allegedly promoting “pornography and vice”— and the books he wrote are some of the aspects that Federal Security Directorate (DFS), predecessor of the Homeland Security and Investigation Center (Cisen, today National Intelligence Center [CNI]), spied on and closely followed the actress, singer and later senator of the Republic, Irma Serrano, “La Tigresa”.

In the file that the General Archive of the Nation (AGN) has just declassified and to which a newspaper of national circulation had access indicates that in the mid 70’s the intelligence agency at the service of the government of Luis Echeverría Álvarez began spying on “La Tigresa”, in which his participation in the dissident group is detailed in the National Association of Actors (WALK).

In the first report, dated August 12, 1975it indicates that a pair of elements of the DFS were presented at the theater Rustleowned by the actress, in which IFirma Serrano was staging the play “The Lady of the Camellias” by Alejandro Dumas, where there is a character named Don Gus, in clear reference Gustavo Diaz Ordaz.