22 years with Erik: Andrea Legarreta reveals why they have decided to continue despite the crisis

This April 1 marks the 22nd anniversary of the wedding of Andrea Legarreta and Erik Rubinone of the longest-running couples in the show that has overcome crises and any type of scandal because love endures between them.

The presenter of ‘Hoy’ dedicated an emotional message to her husband on their anniversary.

“Just 22 years ago… 22 years of traveling together this path called life… 22 years together against all odds… getting to know each other, transforming ourselves, learning, growing, enjoying, laughing, singing, dancing, traveling, in moments of tears, trials and storms… And moments of sunshine and rainbows… 22 years reinventing ourselves and adapting to so many ways of loving… Today after having said YES 22 years ago, my heart overflows with joy knowing that we were not wrong… I appreciate not letting us win in difficult times…

I feel so grateful to God and life for “coinciding”… I am proud to witness the great man you are and the one you have become… Thank you love, for these 22!! Thank you for the family we are!! For the father, friend, accomplice, support, partner and love that you are, love that WE ARE… My cute Hairball!! Let’s continue hand in hand walking this path called life!!… Thank you for being my love!! I love you forever!! I love us ALWAYS!! God continue to bless us!! Happy 22nd sweetheart!! @erikrubinoficial”.

A few weeks ago, Andrea Legarreta confessed in an interview with TV and novelsand told how they have been able to overcome couple crises and how much he loves the singer.

Who would have thought they would last so long and form a beautiful family…
“That’s right, at first people didn’t give us much time together; in fact, Erik says we were “the pool breakers”, because apart from the fact that we dated for a very short time, people thought we were very different: he was a rocker, with his stories of somewhat stormy, scandalous relationships, he had an image of “rebellious boy”, and they saw me as the “strawberry girl”, and they said: “How strange that these became boyfriends!, How strange that they decided to get married ! They won’t last at all!” But we are about to turn 22, and of course, we’ve been through everything and through all the stages”.

What made you fall in love with him?
I have known Erik practically since we were children, because I studied at the Children’s Training Center, and the Timbiriches studied there. At that time it was rumored that the Timbiriches were rebellious, but I always heard nice things about him, about how kind and good a boy he was. Then we coincided in Reaching for a Star II, we didn’t do scenes together, but we greeted each other, and I always liked him very much. Also, I can say that I was always his fan because I loved how he sang; Since he entered Timbiriche I said: “This guy has a great voice.”

What has been the most difficult thing that has happened in these 22 years? “I think most of them have been beautiful years, a story full of positive things. And the difficult thing has been the loss of our first baby; it was the most painful thing I’ve experienced as a woman and that we went through as a couple, it hurt us both a lot, we suffered a lot, we cried a lot… but incredibly it also made us better people, it made us value more, and in the end, I think our girls got better dads than maybe that first baby could have gotten. that that was a very hard moment, but it gave rise to wonderful things between us, because those kinds of moments can break you as a couple or they can strengthen you, and in our case it strengthened us, we understood that God is not wrong and that everything is when must be.

Have you had a couple crisis at some point?
Throughout the relationship, in these ups and downs, you can suddenly lose yourself as a mother and as a father; Suddenly you are involved in your world of mom, dad, or work, and it is easy for a distance to arise. That happened between us in some stages, to the point of thinking that maybe we should analyze if we wanted to continue together or separate.

Why did they decide to continue?
Because when you land and become objective with what you want and don’t want in your life, at that moment we realized that we didn’t see each other, we didn’t see ourselves as separate, we wanted to continue on this path together, so we had to see what was failing us and what positive moments we had to continue nurturing, what were our shortcomings and try to rescue all that, remember why we fell in love from the beginning and get back together as a couple. So it was and we decided to continue. In any relationship of a couple, of friendship, of siblings, of parents with children… there are always moments of disagreement, but you have to see things from the side of love, how to make that situation improve, because it can also improve being separated and not That’s why you stop being family or father of your children. Sometimes love ends, but to this day I can say that, in our case, love continues, it has been transforming in different ways and we also continue to have moments of disagreements, but today I still cannot see my life without him , because what predominates is love, and although we have differences, we are also a great team and a great support for each other; we admire each other professionally, as human beings, we respect each other and appreciate what we have added to our lives.

They complement each other… Yes, he has come to give me a lot with his personality, his way of being, his desire to fight and to be better every day, with the type of father he is, even with his sobriety, because he is going to celebrate 20 years without drinking a drop of alcohol and that for me is also worth valuing, admiring and thanking. The fact that he wants to be a better person every day and that my daughters have a sober, healthy father who has guided them by example to love sports and have a healthy life. I love many versions of him, and yes, I think we both complement each other very well and feel supported; We know that no matter what happens, famous or not famous, in good times and bad, we have someone to lean on, and that’s very nice, it gives you a lot of peace.

With information from Grisel Vaca