24 years after ‘Soñadoras’, Michelle Vieth is still IDENTICAL (VIDEO)

Because the TLnovelas channel is repeating the telenovela ‘Soñadoras’, many are interested in the plot that gave people something to talk about in its time, as well as in the actors who are already established in the medium.

Angélica Vale, Aracely Arámbula, Arath De la Torre, among others, were youngsters who were starting their careers and are now television stars. So too Michelle Vieth, who was placed as one of her favorite youth protagonists, overcame the scandal and remains in force.

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But what was surprising is that the actress decided to recreate her ‘Lucía’ look, her peculiar character, and the result is amazing.

And it is that 24 years after the soap opera, Michelle Vieth looks the same as when she was young. She perfectly recreated her look and had fun on TikTok:

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