4 bad habits to avoid when cleaning the house

1.- Start cleaning from the bottom up

It may be that when you see the floor covered with residue, dust and rubbish, your instinct is to go for them in the first instance. This may be normal, but it is reasonable to start cleaning from the top down.

In this way, the dust from lamps, paintings, shelves and other furniture will fall to the floor. That should be the last place you clean of the stay.

2.- Use the same scouring pad to clean all surfaces

Cloths, scouring pads and other cleaning instruments can stain some surfaces if we clean very dirty areas with them.

It is recommended to replace with a clean one, since you could transfer the dirt.

If the scouring pad looks bad and has embedded residue, you should replace it without delay.

3.- Apply the products directly

Pouring a product directly onto a surface could stain it, making it more difficult to achieve neatness and good appearance of the area.

The best way to avoid these accidents is to spray the product on a cloth, and then proceed to clean the compromised area.

4.- Using soap in excess

Using more soap than necessary will not clean clothes and dishes any more, as well as surfaces that need to be scrubbed.

Quite the contrary: excess soap will leave more dirt and you will have to use more water to achieve a good result.

This, not to mention that you could ruin some fabrics. It is recommended to use the amount of detergent indicated in the manufacturer’s instructions.