4 iPhone tricks revealed by a former Apple employee

Find out how you can record video from camera app on iPhone with background music. (screenshot: Official Apple Fanatic)

Users of iPhone they often try to get the most out of their device, but even the most expert are not aware of all the possibilities at their fingertips. The technical expert and tiktoker Sabrina badin, former Apple employee, reveals in your account a series of practical tips that allow you to unlock hundreds of hidden functions of these smartphones.

With all the features of iOS 15, it can be easy to miss out on a few that enhance the experience of using your iPhone. From how to schedule message sending on WhatsApp, to using 7 secret codes with which you can take advantage of your iPhone, we have been impressed by all the improvements and new functions.

To help you learn about new hidden features, Sabrina released a list of 4 tips and tricks that can increase your productivity and make your life a lot easier. Best of all, iOS 15 is compatible with the iPhone 6S and all newer models, so you don’t need the latest iPhone 13 to apply these tips.

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4 iPhone tricks that will improve your experience

Tech Expert Sabrina Badin, who posts on TikTok with username @thegeniussabb, shows his followers tricks of all kinds, such as the ones that will be detailed below:

– How to play music while recording a video.

Sabrina recommends this as the “best” tip, before explaining how to animate a video with a soundtrack of your choice. Just listen to music on your iPhone speakers using your favorite music app, like Spotify or Apple Music.

Then, while the song is still playing, the camera app will open, making sure that the camera is set to photo mode and not video mode.

If you then hold down the capture button (white button) and move it to the right, your music will continue to play while your iPhone starts recording the scene.

Listen to music while recording a video on the iPhone camera.  (screenshot: Mobile News)
Listen to music while recording a video on the iPhone camera. (screenshot: Mobile News)

– Sort home screen quickly

Among her other tips, Sabrina also reveals a way to save time while tidying up the home screen. Explain what there is an easy way to move multiple apps at once, rather than dragging them individually when cleaning a screen.

Former Apple Employee Demonstrates This Trick by long-pressing an app and then repeatedly tapping other apps that you want to scroll or move.

The former Apple employee demonstrates this trick by long-pressing an app and then repeatedly tapping other apps that she wants to move or move. You can easily move them around the home screen as a single group. Then you can place them on a line in an empty area of ​​your choice.

Home screen of an iPhone.  (photo: APPerlas)
Home screen of an iPhone. (photo: APPerlas)

– Clean email quickly

Sabrina also shared a similar time-saving tip to quickly delete emails and messages.

The famous Tiktoker shows her followers that By placing two fingers on the screen and dragging them down, you can select multiple messages effectively.

You can choose to delete them, mark them as read, store them in a folder, etc.

Iphone notch.
Iphone notch. (Photo: Capture)

– Send animations to your contacts

In another video he revealed a fun way to send animations to his friends saved on his iPhone. All you need to do is send someone a secret password via iMessage to activate each effect.

Send “Pew pew”, for example, will activate a laser effect, while “Happy Birthday” It will float balloons from the bottom of the recipient’s screen. Finally, when January 1 arrives, the fireworks explode in a message if you want someone “happy New Year”.

Animations on iPhone.  (photo: iPhoneros)
Animations on iPhone. (photo: iPhoneros)


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