4 lucky plants according to “Feng Shui”

The presence of certain plants would have positive effects for the energy flow and environmental purification of the home

To achieve an environment with positive energy flow following the guidelines of Feng Shui, it is essential to have the presence of plants.

  1. succulents
    Plants of this type are characterized by storing a large amount of water, generally within their thick leaves. They are usually present in external spaces, such as terraces, balconies or gardens.
  2. kumquat
    This species, also known as “kumquat”, “kumquat” or “fortunella”, is a shrub-shaped plant native to China. It is very present in the suggestions of Feng Shui due to its aesthetics, its fruits and its pleasant aroma. However, it also works outdoors and must have good drainage to grow optimally.
  3. pothos
    The species Epipremnum aureum, better known as “pothos” or “potus”, is an example that is widely applied in internal environments. The Taoist philosophical system suggests installing them in a corner, due to their ability to purify the air and eliminate negative energy. In addition, it has very simple care and an elegance characterized by its heart-shaped leaves and its hanging extension.
  4. fittonia
    It is a genus native to South America and known for its colorful leaves. They can acquire yellow, white or reddish tones in their veins, which makes them very attractive for ornamental purposes. In addition, the Feng Shui guidelines suggest that the presence of this plant generates motivation to overcome obstacles.