4 recommendations to avoid being a victim of identity theft

Discover the keys to avoid being spoofed. (photo: tugesto)

The trend of cyberattacks for the identity theft of big brands is on the rise. These are presented in greater volume in social networks, on third-party platforms and websites, affecting the reputation of companies, as it has a fraud effect towards end users, according to specialists. The increase in crime in the form of theft, assault and other criminal acts both on the public highway and in the digital sectors threatens the interests of individuals and financial organizations regarding the security of their resources. It is an identity theft, a phenomenon that can affect them even at rest.

According to the expert Camilo Zea, CEO of Pronus, company in charge of combating financial risks, mentions that identity theft is on the rise and becomes more sophisticated to such an extent that it severely affects various entities in the financial environment.

Camilo Zea.  (photo: www.semana.com)
Camilo Zea. (photo: www.semana.com)

“And while investments in cybersecurity are strengthened to contain the intrusion, what could be happening is that the windows are being secured very well, but the door is being left wide open to those who commit illegal acts”, Zea explains, on the traditional systems of the different financial systems and the impossibility of retaining the thousands of cases of fraud modalities.

In addition, he also noted that, coinciding with the COVID-19 pandemic, while digital theft worldwide has increased at a rate of 149%, in Colombia has increased to 243%, according to a survey by TransUnion, a global organization.

According to the CEO of Pronus, due to the boom in the digitalization of financial services, the Superfinanciera has issued clear rules for managing cybersecurity risks in supervised entities and security standards for payment gateways. Next, find out what they are:

4 keys to not being a victim of a possible identity theft

– First, you should know that the entity in question is required to notify financial consumers of any cyber incidents that have occurred and in which the security or integrity of your information is affected, as well as the measures to be taken to deal with this situation.

– Secondly, you must take into account that among the cybersecurity requirements that must be met by entities, It is mandatory to find the establishment of an information security risk management unit. This unit is required to perform regular updates.

– In third place, the supervised entities must establish a communication and information strategy to report to those in charge which is part of the national model for the management of cyber incidents.

– In fourth and last place, it is imperative to respect safety standards so that they can provide their services through entities supervised by the Superfinancial (payment networks and banks).

Cyber ​​problems: hacked system.  (photo: Management)
Cyber ​​problems: hacked system. (photo: Management)

To buy online, ESET recommends the following:

Avoid entering confidential data: Due to the many risks associated with public Wi-Fi networks, it is best to reserve certain personal information as a payment method. If despite these recommendations you still want to buy by connecting to a public network, it is essential that you use a virtual private network (VPN) by connecting to protect your traffic and make purchases safely.

Secure connection: The first thing to consider when shopping online is to use a secure Internet connection. It is better to limit your online purchases to your own or family Internet connectionsEither on mobile data or on your home Wi-Fi network.

Secure device: Since purchases can be made from a smartphone, ensuring security is essential. However, a large number of people still think of their smartphone as just a phone and not as a handheld device that they carry with them every day and use it for all kinds of work. In this way, make sure that each section of your devices (tablets, laptops and cell phones) has a password so as not to put valuable information at risk.

(photo: ESET)
(photo: ESET)


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