40 thousand structures of archaeological buildings have been recovered in the Mayan Train: INAH

The director of the INAH, Diego Prieto presented a graph of the elements of the archaeological rescue in the works of the Mayan Train.

As part of the archaeological rescue actions within the framework of the Mayan Train project, Diego Prieto Hernández, general director of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), reported that with the rescue actions of archaeological materials. “We are close to recovering 40,000 immovable structures” and 766,266 ceramic fragments.

He explained that the excavation work is still going on in different sections. It is in section seven where the tasks are more complex due to the large amount of materials from the Mayan civilization located.

As part of the weekly report on the matter, presented at the morning press conference at the National Palace, Prieto Hernández stressed that there are a large number of workers, technicians and archaeologists who are joining this work.

Through a video, the works on the Oxtankah site were highlighted, in the bay of Chetumal, a city that has 30 large architectural structures, was a first-class port in its time, with an exchange of products that was relevant in his time.

The archaeological zone is a must-see site to learn more about the Mayan culture of that time, it was indicated.