43 minutes impossible to erase: Israel projected unpublished images of the Hamas terrorist massacre

Pillows covered in blood lie on the sofa of a destroyed house, following the deadly October 7 attack by Hamas terrorists from the Gaza Strip, on the Kfar Aza kibbutz, southern Israel (Reuters) (EVELYN HOCKSTEIN/)

The images followed one after another like a frantic whirlwind of terror that was impossible to erase. There were a total of 43 minutes where the government of Israelthrough his chancellery, projected scenes from the morning of last October 7when thousands of terrorists Hamas They crossed from the Gaza Strip to murder, rape, torture, behead, incinerate and kidnap children, women, soldiers and civilians inside their homes or on public roads, in a merciless hunt that lasted endless hours.

The Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires He called on politicians, businessmen, social leaders, members of the Jewish community, journalists and artists to witness the events committed more than a month ago by Palestinian terrorists. The presentation was given by the ambassador to Argentina Eyal Selaand the Israeli Defense Attaché, Colonel Amit Guy, who explained the dynamics and conditions of the meeting. All the images, raw and unedited, were authorized by the victims’ relatives, who wanted the world to witness the jihadist barbarity. However, its total or partial public reproduction was prohibited.

In conjunction with the screening, a fragment of the founding letter of Hamas -published on August 18, 1988- in which it is openly stated that the objective of the extremist group has since then been the “destruction” of Israel and the “death” of the Jews. “The Day of Judgment will not come until the Muslims fight against the Jews and kill them. Then, the Jews will hide behind rocks and trees and the latter will shout: ‘O Muslim, a Jew is hiding behind me, come kill him’”says article 7 of that document.

Under these preconceptions and motivations, the leadership of Hamasled by Yahya Sinwar in Loop, ordered the massacre on October 7. The issuance made by the embassy of Israel shows recordings made, for the most part, by the terrorists themselves who constantly boasted about murdering the “dogs,” as they called time and time again the Jews who were hit by their shots. “Allah is great!” was another of the war cries that were heard repeatedly during the disturbing screening.

Civilians killed by Hamas lie on the ground in Sderot, Israel, on October 7, 2023 (AP)
Civilians murdered by Hamas lie on the ground in Sderot, Israel, on October 7, 2023 (AP) (Ohad Zwigenberg/)

Just as during the epilogue of the Second World War The world was able to observe the Nazi barbarity in the concentration camps with heartbreaking and indelible photographs and films, these high definition recordings obtained from security and traffic cameras, bodycam of the jihadists themselves, cell phones and social networks, will also act as a symbol of what the islamic terrorism is capable of being driven by hatred towards the Jews.

The 43-minute video exposed kidnappings, beheadings, the outrage of lifeless bodies, shootings on the road, house fires, all given within a framework of limitless sadism. The images even show the desperation for the survival of the victims, who try to hide from the executioners so as not to be located and try to remain silent by guessing, under whispers, where the Islamists will be… without luck: seconds later they are found and executed. The extremists celebrate again: “Allah is great!”; “I am a hero!”; “dog dies!”.

At the end of the recording, none of those present, about a hundred guests, made a sound. It was an overwhelming silence. There was nothing to comment. Minutes later, the ambassador Sela He answered brief questions to the journalists and left some concepts: “The idea of ​​showing this is so that it is known that it existed, that they entered even the houses”; “What hurts me the most is seeing how they celebrate (the murders)”; “it is the worst massacre (against Jews) since the Second World War, since the Holocaust”; “everyone who does not condemn this, rewards Hamas”; “there is no information about the kidnapped”; “Israel’s first objective is to free the hostages”.

Hamas He murdered 1,400 victims and kidnapped 240 people on October 7. It was the largest anti-Semitic terrorist attack in history. At the end of the program organized by the embassy of Israelon an Avenida de Mayo closed to traffic, a noisy demonstration waved flags of Palestine.

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