5 natural remedies to lighten black knees and elbows

Dark spots in areas such as knees and elbows are common but uncomfortable. Fortunately, it is possible to lighten them without chemicals or abrasive ingredients. Learn about the natural remedies to lighten the black on your knees and elbows.

Since we were children we were taught to cut ourselves well to prevent the dirt from staying and our elbows and knees from looking black. However, most of the time the problem goes beyond whether we bathe correctly or not.

There are different reasons why these areas look darker.

In In general, it is a type of hyperpigmentation, described by the Library National Medicine of the United Statessuch as skin with too much melanin, more common in people with dark skin.

Among the causes that can lead to these dark areas, is the accumulation of dead skin cells, friction clothing, sun exposure, skin conditions, skin inflammation, dryness that increases hyperpigmentation.

Also, birth control pills, melasma as a result of pregnancy, and even age can contribute to darker areas such as the elbows.

The good news is that, although they can be uncomfortable and unsightly, darkened elbows and knees are not usually dangerous and it is possible to help lighten them naturally.