5 profiles in Kwai for you to learn different languages ​​easily

Kwai logo. (photo: Expansion)

In addition to shorts to learn to cook, challenges or dances, Kwai it has a lot of other new things you can learn, like languages. There are many users who like to enjoy a good video with fun and creative content that helps them pass the time, but more and more people want to learn something new and short videos that teach multiple languages ​​are becoming popular, generating more subscriptions month after month in the application.

Therefore, if you want to be a polyglot and master several languages, you should know that there are many language learners in this social network. So, below we will share with you 5 Kwai accounts where you can learn a new language, while enjoying the process.

Jenny Lu

If we talk about polyglot above, you should know that Jenny Lu is the perfect option you are looking for to learn up to four different languages. Well, in the Kwai profile of this user you can learn English, German, Italian and French.

You will be able to tell the difference between these languages, a completely new vocabulary and even basic sentences in each one. Also, Jenny always tries to throw out typical phrases from these four languages ​​for you to use with your partner.

Chingu Friend

With the boom in Squid Game, you may have wanted to learn Korean. Well, this time we introduce you to Chingu Amiga, a woman korean who lives in Mexico and speaks fluent Spanish.

This has made its content very interesting and understandable for Spanish speakers who are intrigued to understand this rich culture and language that is becoming increasingly popular with the community.

Bilingual Colombia

This young Colombian has dedicated himself to creating content by teaching English starting from day-to-day situations, with an easy and quick vocabulary to learn, with an emphasis on pronunciation that can help others. Watch him carry on a normal conversation.

With a very funny personality that transmits freshness, it is one of the ideal accounts for those who want to learn the language.

Kiara nakasone

This Kwai user is dedicated to teaching Japanese, while also exposing interesting facts about your country. In Karina’s profile you can learn adjectives, phrases, learn curiosities about the culture of Japan and of course, some typical dishes of the Asian country.

But most importantly, you will be able to learn the immensely fascinating language and if you are an anime fan, you will be able to appreciate it in your profile with the original language, as a kind of test to know if you are learning from the Japanese classes.

If all of Japanese culture interests you, you should definitely give Kiara a chance and start following her account. Her short 60-second lessons are fun and very helpful.


At Kwai, there is something for everyone. This teacher from Brazil wants to teach her subscribers to speak Portuguese with confidence in a simple, fast and fun way.

With interactive videos and in a more academic format, Hilda teaches her users the fundamentals of the language.

Kwai logo.  (photo: Olhar Digital)
Kwai logo. (photo: Olhar Digital)

What is Kwai

Kwai is a social network where you can create and share short videos. But the interesting thing is that it has an algorithm that allows all users to generate income.

Gustavo Vargas placeholder image, Director of Communication and Public Relations in Latin America of Kwai said that “It is not that you have to have thousands of followers for your video to be seen by more people. Everything happens through the creativity and passion of your content ”.

It’s free and available on Android and Apple. You have three options for watching videos:

– Among the people you follow.

– The content recommended by the platform.

– The content recommended by the algorithm based on the searches it performs.


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