5 ways to recover deleted messages on Telegram

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Messaging apps are one of the most important digital tools on the web. Today, hundreds of thousands of people use these platforms to communicate with their family and friends, being Telegram one of the favorites.

It has innovative functions: from MP3 player to image editing program. The messaging application, designed to rival the popularity of WhatsApp with its strong position in security, has a large number of similar tools such as Telegram Web to work from PC, and other more original ones, such as zooming in, reducing the size of the text and even the possibility of recovering a deleted message.

The touch function of cell phones can sometimes play tricks on you, and accidentally sliding your finger across the screen could cause an unwanted gesture, such as deleting a message. But, with these tips to recover deleted messages on Telegram, you will be able to correct your mistake.

FILE PHOTO: Telegram REUTERS / Thomas White / File Photo Logo
FILE PHOTO: Telegram REUTERS / Thomas White / File Photo (Thomas White /) Logo

5 tricks to recover deleted messages on Telegram

Fortunately, there are several methods to recover deleted messages from this instant messaging platform. At this stage, you should know that these tips are not 100% effective and work best if you are trying to recover recently deleted messages. If you want to review a message that you deleted a few weeks ago, it is very likely that you will not be able to do so effectively.

It is important to emphasize that all the tricks mentioned below are exclusively for Android devices.

– If you want to recover a file, look in the Telegram folder

Sometimes you can delete a chat and what you want to recover the most is not the messages, but the files that you received in that chat. If so, you haven’t completely lost those files yet. When a chat is deleted, files such as images, videos, audios and documents are stored on the mobile device, especially in the application folder.

To access it is necessary open a file manager and find a folder called Telegram.

Here you will find four folders.

Now all you have to do is find there the chat files you deleted.

– Check the Android cache

If the above method doesn’t work for you, you still have one last chance to get back the files you lost when you deleted Telegram chat.

To do this, you need to open the file manager on your mobile again, find the Android folder and then enter the data folder.

There the folders that store the cache will appear of each application that you have installed on your mobile phone.

Look for the folder org.telegram.messenger and then navigate to the cache folder.

Thus, You can access the cache of all the images that came to you on Telegram, so you can find the one you deleted by mistake.

– Use the Undo function quickly

Telegram has a separate feature where you can get back any chat or message that you have deleted. The function is called “Undo”, which triggers a notification at the bottom of the screen when you delete a message.

Tap to restore what you just deleted.

However, this is quite a limited function, since you only have 5 seconds to use itAfter this short period of time has passed, you will no longer be able to.

– Check the notification history of your mobile device

To retrieve a message that you deleted by mistake, you can go to the notification log. Now you must remember that this method is only to retrieve the messages that you have received on your mobile. You will not be able to retrieve a message that you sent.

Another option is to use this application to save the notification history.

– Export your Telegram account data to a computer / laptop

For this method, You must have the desktop version of Telegram on your PC. What you will do is publish the backup created by this instant messaging platform on your computer.

You must first open the settings menu and select advanced settings option.

Here select Export data from Telegram.

Then you have to select everything you want to recover and finally click export.

Hopefully the message is still in the app backup and if so, should be able to find the message that at some point you deleted, or even if the chat was completely deleted.


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