5 years after the murder of Renato Lopez: What was learned about the case and how his friends remember it

How to forget the tragedy surrounding the death of the driver and actor Renato Lopez. This November 23 was the 5th anniversary of his departure and several of his friends remembered him with emotional messages.

Renato López was born on March 11, 1983. He started in the industry with a rock band, but when he was conducting he excelled on Telehit. He acted in ‘El cielo en tu vistas’, and after leaving the music channel, he followed his dreams of being a film actor, with performances in films such as ‘Macho’.

His body was found in a car with gunshot wounds, along with Omar Girón, of his public relations team, in the municipality of Jilotzingo, State of Mexico. Days before, he went to the wedding of Claudia Álvarez and Billy Rovzar in Punta Mita.

Because he was missing, there was even talk of a possible kidnapping, but in 2019, Jesús Martínez González, a homicide prosecutor for the State of Mexico, confirmed that they detained three people for the double homicide.

Renato and his representative fell into a trap. The prosecutor said: “They contact Renato’s representative through e-mails where a supposed real estate agent named Bosque Real makes him an offer of 200 thousand pesos to make a capsule to help them sell houses.”

When they got to the appointment, they were taken to another place and there they were killed. Through security cameras, it was learned that the murderers were traveling in a black van, whose owner told authorities that a drug dealer asked them to execute the actor because he was with his girlfriend. However, the investigation revealed that it was the owner of the vehicle who killed, with the help of two other men, Renato. “It was determined that Renato was with the girlfriend of one of the defendants, this caused great anger to one of them and ordered that he be deprived of his life,” said the prosecutor.

Friends remembered it. The driver Diego Alfaro published a video in honor of Renato López. “Eternal love is everything in this life. You are missed, broskie.”

The photographer Uriel Santana shared: “5 years ago you became light, my brother … time has only made your memory stronger and every day I miss you more.
But I’m not sad anymore. Because today I am infinitely grateful to life for having had you. Because now I know, with absolute and irrational certainty, that we will meet again and embrace. Because I live in your heart. Because the love of brothers is eternal.
THANK YOU for so many lessons learned and for so many good things that you left us forever in this life. I love you with my soul, Re.
I will continue to celebrate your life until we meet again.