7 apps to turn photos into works of art

A photo of Messi modified by the Google Arts & Culture app with an aesthetic inspired by Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night”

In a few clicks it is possible to turn a photo into a work of art. There are some Applications that offer the possibility of generating an image in the style of Picasso, Van Gogh or any other outstanding artist. It is even possible to make touch-ups to generate a totally personalized touch.

These “magic passes” are possible thanks to the artificial intelligence integrated to these platforms that with just a few seconds of processing adds a digital layer to any photograph taken with the mobile. Here are some options available for both iOS and Android.

1. Prism

Prism Photo Editor
Prisma Photo Editor allows you to turn your photos into works of art

The application is one of the pioneers in this area that allows you to edit photos with a work of art style. It has more than 500 filters to redesign the images and give them a different look. Thus, a photo can become a digital version in the painting style of Dalí or Picasso.


GoArt has a wide range of filters

It is a photo editing tool It has a wide variety of artistic filters. From its artificial intelligence system, it can turn photos into artistic works such as those painted by Van Gogh, Monet or Picasso, among other artists.

3. Art Transfer from Google Arts & Culture

Art Transfer is part of the Google Arts app
Art Transfer is part of the Google Arts & Culture app

The tool art transferwhich is integrated into the application Google Arts & Culture, allows you to add different filters in a few seconds. To make use of the option, simply press on the camera icon that is located in the lower margin of the app. By doing so, the service offers the possibility of activating the camera and taking a photo at the moment or uploading an image from the mobile gallery.

Then it is enough to select the aesthetic that you want to give to the photo. There are leading artists of expressionism, abstract art and many other alternatives. You can even choose to emulate famous paintings like The Scream by Edvard Munch or Mona Lisa either Mona Lisa of Leonardo da Vinci.


Paintation processes photos on the device
Paintation processes photos on the device

Paintation is a photo editor that “supports neural style transfer, also known as deep art effects,” the platform’s description highlights.

Unlike some other applications that require uploading photos to a server to transform theme, Paintation employs technology TensorFlow Lite to evaluate the neural network locally on the device. For that reason, it can run in offline mode and the photos never leave your device unless the user decides to share their creations.

5. PicsArt

PicsArt also allows you to create stickers
PicsArt also allows you to create stickers

The application not only allows you to turn a photo into a work of art but also offers other editing tools such as the ability to remove objects or change the background of an image. Aothers it is possible to add filters, create stickers and other things to give a personal touch to the creations.

6. ArtMyMood

ArtMyMood creates personalized images from the emotion you identify in the selfies

This application is capable of identifying the emotion on the user’s face and from that generates a personalized work. The neural networks identify facial featuresreplace the background of the photo and apply filters to give a particular style to the images.

7. PhotoLab: Art Picture Editor

PhotoLab includes more than 900 frames, filters and effects

It has 900 different frames, filters and photomontages. It’s a simple-to-use photo editor that, in just a few seconds, allows you to turn a photo into a modern painting, with a pop art style or a more retro aesthetic. It is also possible to add effects such as spirals, blur the photo or retouch selfies in few steps.


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