8 Common Mistakes That Degrade Your iPhone Battery

Learn about the most common mistakes you make to drain your iPhone’s battery, and how to prevent it. (photo: Speaking of Apples)

Get the maximum battery life from your iPhone today it is more important than ever. We use our smartphone to pay, to stay connected both with friends and at work, so it is essential to always carry it in our pocket or purse. Therefore, Infobae has compiled 8 errors that are very easy to avoid, that consume or degrade the quality of the battery of our iPhone.

There are countless ways to use our iPhone, but several degrade the battery much faster than usual. Many of these customs made sense a few years ago and were “allowed”, such as closing applications in multitasking, But with technological updates and developments, they have become counterproductive.

From the long list of little things that lead to poor battery maintenance, we’ve picked eight. But, we will divide them into errors that drain (or consume) our battery in the day to day, and errors that reduce the life time (or degrade) of our battery.

Four mistakes that consume excess battery

Of course, excessive consumption is already synonymous with degradation, but there is a big difference and it is key. So let’s start with some bad habits that can drain our battery very quickly in the use that we give to our iPhone daily:

1. Close applications: It may seem contradictory, but closing the application uses the battery of our iPhone. The reason is very simple, the system saves a large part of the application execution in memory. Therefore, closing the app forces the device to use energy to free memory and, most importantly, it consumes battery to restore it from memory when launching the application again.

Here’s how to avoid it: it’s simple. Just stop closing the apps completely.

2. Using apps that consume too much: not all applications are the same. There are people who, due to lack of optimization or due to its great complexity, consume excessive battery. We can check what they are in Settings> Battery.

Here’s how to avoid it: Stop using these applications or at least look for alternatives for certain tasks that don’t consume so much battery. In the case of social networks, you will only have to monitor to know which app takes most of the energy from your iPhone and thus reduce the time of use.

Show activity of the applications that consume the most on your iPhone.  (photo: tuexpertomovil)
Show activity of the applications that consume the most on your iPhone. (photo: tuexpertomovil)

3. Does not use low power mode: With this mode activated, the consumption of iPhone will be significantly reduced. Not using it when recommended will shorten the battery life.

Here’s how to avoid it: We activate it as soon as we find that the battery will not be able to last until the next charge, but especially if the iPhone drops below 20 or 10%.

4. Do not use automatic brightness: the automatic brightness of our iPhone adjusts the intensity to adapt to the environmental conditions. You do not need 100% brightness in near dark, but it is necessary when in direct sunlight; otherwise you will not see the screen. Disabling automatic brightness generates additional battery consumption.

Here’s how to avoid it: we enable automatic brightness in Settings> General> Accessibility> Display settings> Automatic brightness.

Enable automatic brightness on iPhone.  (photo: Trucos.com)
Enable automatic brightness on iPhone. (photo: Trucos.com)

Four mistakes that degrade excess battery

After completing this first section, let’s move on to the battery quality section. As mentioned earlier, the same consumption leads to a degradation of quality, but there are also some habits that we really should avoid at all costs to keep our battery healthy. Here are the most common errors:

1. Excessive battery heating: Using or leaving the iPhone in direct sunlight, inside a car, or running applications that can actually burn the phone on contact, degrades the battery at a very high rate, and is also a risk to the device.

Here’s how to avoid it: don’t leave your iPhone in the sun. If you notice that it is too hot, we turn it off and let it cool down. And above all, never leave your iPhone in the sun in a car in summer.

Ideal temperature for iPhone.  (Banana Computer)
Ideal temperature for iPhone. (Banana Computer)

2. Charge the iPhone every so often: This is a less common mistake, but its impact prompts us to mention it. Connecting your iPhone 24 hours a day degrades the battery. And, the iPhone has many protections in this regard, such as an optimized load that we can load overnight or internal mechanisms so that it is not 100% permanent.

Here’s how to avoid it: unplug it and use it until the battery needs to be charged.

3. Complete cycles by expending the battery: The idea of ​​having to wait for the battery to discharge and then recharge it or stay between 20% and 80% doesn’t make much sense on today’s iPhones. In the end, you will suffer a higher consumption than with normal use of the iPhone.

Here’s how to avoid it: charge your iPhone only when you need it, or overnight, so you can let the same system take care of everything. And the most important, never leave your iPhone at 0% for more than a day or two.

IPhone charging cycle.  (photo: The Bitten <a class=Apple)” height=”392″ src=”https://www.infobae.com/new-resizer/1GcOx3XIFv8Rc-E3cn1yCG2Xr1s=/cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing.com/infobae/SN2MR7BX25BX3H3F7HHMGRELL4.png” width=”1712″ />
IPhone charging cycle. (photo: The Bitten Apple)

4. If necessary, change the battery: This is the last resort you may have. When your iPhone battery becomes excessively degraded, it is best to replace it with a new one. A damaged battery is always a risk.

Here’s how to avoid it: Consider replacing the battery if it degrades excessively; that is to say, if the battery health is less than 80%.

To see the battery health of your iPhone do the following: Settings> Battery> Condition (photo: Cinco Días – EL PAÍS)” height =”565″ src =”https://www.infobae.com/new-resizer/yu-CaIBlHn7PQGuWUcyycqE2GmY=/cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing.com/infobae/I3AKUSM4DFDO3C4E52UTLVYVIM.jpg” width =”980″ /><figcaption>To see the battery health of your iPhone do the following: Settings> Battery> Condition (photo: Cinco Días – EL PAÍS)</figcaption></figure><p><b>KEEP READING:</b></p><p>Microsoft Teams already has end-to-end encryption for video calls</p><p>Air Glass, the glasses that will transcribe what a person speaks into text</p><p>PlayStation Plus will be free on December 18 and 19, so you can access</p> <script async src=