8 phrases of Lionel Messi: the annoyance for the change of balls, the goal that he lacked and why is Argentina in the World Cup in Qatar

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*The Rosario star expressed the happiness that it means to win another title with Argentina

Leo Messi was one of the figures in the victory against Italy that consecrated the Argentina champion in the final that was lived in the mythical stadium of Wembley. The crash of PSG again demonstrated that his nickname is still valid best player of the world. 100% committed, he was the perfect link to manage the winning goals. His work allowed the National Team to open the scoring. He also participated in the beginning of the second and commanded the counterattack that led to the third. The star from Rosario looked for his goal throughout the day, but Donnarumma he avoided it with impressive saves. In addition, the physical friction of their marks was banked.

The Albiceleste captain once again raised a trophy with the national representative and expressed his joy at the team’s performance in the British capital. “It was a beautiful endinga complete game and full of Argentines. We knew it was going to be a nice match, in a nice setting and luckily we got”, valued the striker in statements given to ESPN at the end of the duel.

The fleawith the trophy in hand, stressed the importance of winning a title in the legendary stadium Wembley in a framework plagued by “albicelestes” fans. Messi considered that Lautaro Martínez’s first goal “changed the game” since at the beginning the procedure had been complicated for them. Alsoregretted not having been able to score a goal and revealed his “annoyance” because the organization changed the ball with which they had trained in the previous days. This group is prepared and it was one more demonstration that, with humility, we are here to fight anyone“, he claimed.

the player of paris st germain remarked that Italy “It was a nice test”, since “she is the current European champion” and underlined the value of “getting used to winning”. “This team has not lost for I don’t know how long and that’s a plus”, he indicated in reference to the unbeaten in 32 games.

A 173 days from the start of the World Cup in Qatar, Messi He pointed out that the team will try to “continue” growing “to arrive in the best way” at the debut against Saudi Arabia in lusail. “Hopefully we can make it”, he completed before the enthusiasm that a new conquest aroused.

Active from the start. Leo he asked for the ball and tried to team up with the midfielders and forwards. He was key in the goal Bull for the assist after getting rid of the defender Giovanni DiLorenzo. He had a clear chance to convert after a great individual play that began in his own field and another with a shot from outside the area. In both of him, his PSG teammate responded well. The man from Rosario was fundamental in generating the game, but he lacked the goal. When he finished the clash, he received recognition from the rest of the champions with the traditional chant “that hand in hand with Leo Messi, we’re all going to turn around”…

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*The best actions of the Argentine triumph in Great Britain

The 8 phrases of Lionel Messi

— It was a beautiful final, full of Argentines, we knew it was going to be a nice game, in a nice setting, to be champions and luckily we were given

— We played a very complete match. The first half was a little complicated for us, but as a result of the first goal it changed. We drove in a different way and the second half was spectacular.

— I wanted to be able to score a goal, especially when I saw that the game was controlled, because we knew that it was already there and that Italy was not hurting. In some I played it too much.

— This group is getting bigger and bigger. It’s match by match. We had 10 very good days, but we have to keep improving what we already have. This group is prepared to achieve important things, we are here to fight anyone. This could easily be a World Cup quarter-final or semi-final match, because Italy is a great team.

— When we are together we get infected, we get strength from where we don’t have. Everything this group did, he did it this way.

— It’s good to get used to winning. We’ve gone 32 games without losing and that’s a plus.

— They changed the ball for us. We were training with another every day and I had grabbed her hand, but the one we played with was another.

— We have to keep trying to grow to get to the World Cup in the best possible way. In September we will get together again, I hope we arrive well, because we are very excited


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