8M: Google dedicates its doodle to International Women’s Day, this is sorority

Google dedicated its doodle this 8M to the International Women’s Day celebrating the many ways that women support women that is to say to sorority, a word that is defined as the “relationship of solidarity between women, especially in the struggle for their empowerment”, according to the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE).

Sorority, the theme of Google’s doodle this 8M

In the image you can see dI enter each letter that makes up the search engine logo some many areas in which the women from all over the world support each other to progress and improve the quality of life of others.

“Women in positions of influence who advocate progress on issues central to the lives of women everywhere. women coming together to explore, learn and fight for your rights. Women who are the main caregivers of people from all walks of life. Women who are critical support systems for each other in maternity.”

Who is the author behind this doodle dedicated to International Women’s Day?

The doodle inspired by the 8M was illustrated by the artist Alyssa Winanswho according to his own words tried to capture in her illustration of what it means to be a woman.

“Our theme this year was women supporting womenso I was able to spend a lot of time reflecting over all the ways in which other women in my life they have supported me. I am the youngest of three girls, so since I was born always I have benefited from the wisdom and support of those who preceded me. I’m thankful for that and for all the ways in which I see the women in my life standing up for each other and their values.”

However, Winans clarified that it is true that the full experience of what it means to be a woman cannot be captured in a single image, but he said maybe this 8M doodle is simply a starting point to reflect on about how broad, complex, nuanced and powerful femininity is.