99-year-old man marries his 40-year-old girlfriend; they had a relationship of more than 2 decades

The couple met in 2003 and since then they fell in love and began a relationship that ended in a wedding.

Although on many occasions it is criticized that women marry older men out of supposed interest, there are stories where love is true and show that love is just a number, for Johana Maritim Butuk and Alice Jemeli, who are 99 years old. and 40 years respectively.

The couple got married on January 14 in Kenya after Butuk proposed to her in December 2022 and they immediately began preparations. The wedding came 20 years after the couple began a relationship.

It was in 2003 when Johana and Alice met, when she was 20 and he was 69. Despite the fact that they are several years apart, love arose between them.

“I never got married in my whole life because I have always wanted to be calm. I was also busy with jobs and when I decided to get married, all my friends were already grandparents.

But when I met my wife, I found that I found what I wanted in life. Alice talks less and she helps navigate life’s challenges, ”Butuk tells The Standard.

For her part, Alice also spoke about her husband, whom she says she fell in love with from the first day she met him.

“I loved him when we first met in 2003. He had left an abusive relationship, but when I met Mzee (Butuk) through a woman, I loved him because he was humble and listened to me. She was big and I decided to be her helper because I knew that she would make me a married woman like other women”.

When the couple met, Butuk was living with his brother and was neglected, but in 2010, his brother died, so Alice moved in with her now-husband to support him through the issues that arose. Some time later they built the house in which they now live.

Alice commented that she was able to organize her wedding thanks to friends and neighbors, who provided them with financial help.

“A lot of people didn’t approve of our marriage because they thought I was after Mzee’s wealth. But it is not true because my husband has no wealth.

Compared to the guys I dated before I fell in love with my husband, I chose Mzee because it gives me the freedom to work and take care of my children in peace,” said Alice, who has three children from a previous relationship.