A 55-year-old woman was the first to access healthcare-assisted suicide in Italy

Anna, as she wants to be called, was 55 years old (Pixabay)

A 55-year-old Italian woman from Trieste (north), who suffered from secondary progressive multiple sclerosis and who had requested assisted suicide, died on November 28 at her home in Trieste after self-administering a lethal drug, becoming the first person in Italy to have been completely assisted by the Italian public health system.

This was announced by the Luca Coscioni association, which has been fighting for years to help people fulfill their wish to die voluntarily, and which stressed that He is the first person to access assisted suicide “with the direct assistance of the Health Service; “the third person followed by the association who agrees to voluntary assisted dying in Italy and the fifth who has been given the green light.”.

After the order of the Court of Trieste, the association explains in a note, “the lethal medication and the material were provided by the Italian Public Health and a doctor was provided who, voluntarily, did what was due to support the request within the deadline. , within the scope and within the limits established by Justice and, therefore, without directly intervening in the administration of drugs, an action that remained the exclusive responsibility of the woman.”

The Italian media Corriere commented that Cinzia Caporale, member of the National Bioethics Committee, raised a fundamental problem, the difference in procedures and functions in the Italian regions. Each administration regulates itself “without the State having established common guidelines that give each citizen the certainty of equal treatment for all. It is absurd that the Regions intervene in such delicate issues instead of a central Government in default.”. According to Caporale “rights are not respected in the same way.”

Voluntary death, euthanasia, assisted suicide
Anna is the third person followed by the association to access voluntary assisted dying in Italy and the fifth to have been given the green light.

The patient, according to the association’s website, left a message: ““Anna” is the name I had chosen and, to respect the privacy of my family, I will remain Anna. I loved life and my loved ones with all my being and with the same intensity I resisted in a body that was no longer mine. However, I have decided to put an end to the suffering I feel because now it is truly intolerable.”.

”I want to thank those who helped me enforce my will, my family who were close to me until the end. Today I am free, it would have been true torture not to have the freedom to choose,” the woman added.

Anna was able to agree to voluntary suicide after the doctors in charge of monitoring her condition determined that “the continuous assistance she had was vital assistance, as well as the non-exclusive mechanical dependence guaranteed through the use of ventilatory support (CPAP) during the hours of night sleep.”

(With information from EFE)