A bill in Florida proposes that people can carry weapons without having to have a license

If approved, the new law would eliminate the current requirement of having a state license to be able to carry weapons (REUTERS/Kate Munsch) (KATE MUNSCH/)

Weeks away from a new anniversary for the parkland massacrein which 17 people died at a high school on February 14, 2018, the state of Florida is preparing to debate a new weapons law.

Far from imposing more restrictions, the bill presented by the president of the state House of Representatives, Republican Paul Renner, proposes that the need to have a license to carry a weapon that is not in sight in the state be eliminated. of Florida, something that the defenders of the project classified as “constitutional portability”.

“A fundamental part of the concept of freedom is the right to defend ourselves against a physical attack, as well as the power to defend those we love. The constitution did not give us that right, the creator gave us those rights. But the Second Amendment is the one that put it on paper, and the courts interpreted it. People have the right to bear arms and use them to defend themselves,” Representative Renner explained at a press conference, accompanied by a dozen other legislators and heads of police departments who support the 63-page bill.

Under current law, a person who wants to carry a concealed weapon in Florida must get a state license that includes passing a background check test. In actuality there are 2.62 million of people who have such a license in the state, according to the state Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, which is the one that issues such licenses.

The bill, whose official name is HB543, contemplates that the person who carries a weapon must have valid identification at all times. for the state with your name and photo, and you will be required to show identification any time a law enforcement officer asks you to. It is also contemplated that the current restrictions on being able to enter a school or sporting events armed are maintained.

Although he has not directly spoken about it, it is presumed that Governor Ron DeSantis supports the project (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky, File)
Although he has not spoken directly about it, it is presumed that Governor Ron DeSantis supports the project (AP Photo / Lynne Sladky, File) (Lynne Sladky /)

In actuality there are 25 states that have similar laws. If Florida approves it, after the debate that will begin during the legislative session scheduled to begin on March 7, then the United States would become a country where the majority can carry arms constitutionally.

Although he has not expressed himself specifically about this project, Governor Ron DeSantis is expected to support the measure since in the past he has said that he supports this type of initiative.

Although Florida’s congress is overwhelmingly Republican, the Democratic party has already voiced opposition to the bill and promises to complicate its passage.

“This is not a constitutional carriage but a carriage without training. We must be very clear and very specific about what the law says. What it does is remove the requirement that people receive training and eliminates the part of the process whereby the person could be disqualified from carrying a weapon due to a criminal record.”, assured the press the state representative christine hunschofskya Democrat who used to be the mayor of Parkland when the high school shooting occurred.

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