A British band creates music in real time and broadcasts it live on YouTube

The content generated by the computer program and broadcast on YouTube is purely ambient and does not use human voices to create it. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson/File Photo (Lucy Nicholson/)

In recent months the development of the artificial intelligences has made it possible to create realistic images, works of art, videos shorts and even poems, using resources that can be found on the internet as inputs for the final products.

For its part, the world of music has its own examples related to the generation of songs free of copyright as is the case of Lofi generator, a web page that reproduces songs of this genre continuously and is useful for making videos and streaming.

However, a different way of presenting this type of content on the Internet is through transmissions live in which the work of the programs is shown in real time. This is the case of the British band 65daysofstaticwho created Wreckage Systemsyour project of transmissions in real time of generation of music by a computer program.

Wreckage Systems Stream on YouTube
Wreckage Systems Stream on YouTube

What is Wreckage Systems

Is virtual tool Created by the British group, it consists of carrying out live broadcasts through the YouTube platform in which the results of the generation of music are shown in real time before the eyes of the viewers of the video.

These broadcasts last several hours every day of the week, they indicate that the activity of this program is of long duration and the transmissions live allows the band to show their style of music preferred when making their presentations either in concerts or festivals.

The music produced by the program Wreckage Systems does not contain lyrics or human voices, but is a combination of melodies synthetic instrumentals that serve as a setting, just like the aforementioned Lofi Generator system, although this version created by the British band is designed to represent the type of music to which he is dedicated set.

Wreckage Systems It is what will wake you up in the morning and what you will fall asleep with at night. She is your noise comrade digital”, indicates the description of live broadcasts. “(…) It is the sound anesthesia that accompanies your downfall. It is the future without a future. It’s everywhere. All that is solid melts into air. It is armed ephemerality. It is 65daysofstatic that becomes a life”, he concludes.

Furthermore, according to the text published along with each live broadcast video that is made on a daily basis from the official channel of 65daysofstatic, “Toda la music that you listen to is generated live, non-stop.”

The British band and creator of the Wreckage Systems project requests the support of its community on Patreon to finance its music generation system.  (Capture)
The British band and creator of the Wreckage Systems project requests the support of its community on Patreon to finance its music generation system. (Capture)

Some are also given data information about how the program works, which they affirm is available to everyone in their audience that they are interested. “Wreckage Systems is open to everyone in the world. Cyberspaceboth in audio and video format.

The streams also include timers showing how much time is left until an upcoming ad break in which they request to visit the Web page of the band and financial support is requested to keep the project going through the platform of Patreon.

Once these seconds have passed, a new music generation “system” begins with a different style, sounds, and setting than can be seen or heard by users.

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