A building collapsed in India: there are at least three dead and dozens missing

Rescuers remove rubble after the collapse of a building in Lucknow, India, on January 24, 2023 (REUTERS / Pawan Kumar) (PAWAN KUMAR /)

At least three people died and dozens are missing after a four-story residential building collapsed in northern India, authorities said Tuesday.

The deputy head of the Uttar Pradesh state government, Brajesh Pathak, stated that the accident occurred in a busy and fashionable area of lucknow, the capital of this state in northern India, the most populous in the country. The politician reported that there were three deaths.

The director general of the Uttar Pradesh state police stressed that the collapse appeared to have been the result of a magnitude 5.6 tremor occurred a few hours earlier in western Nepal, about 440 kilometers from Lucknow.

“Thirty to 35 people may have been buried”, a senior official of the local security services, Devendra Singh Chauhan, told reporters. Rescuers are now trying to find them, he added.

Police officers and rescuers check the rubble of the collapse in Lucknow, India, on January 24, 2023 (REUTERS / Saurabh Sharma)
Police officers and rescuers review the rubble of the collapse in Lucknow, India, on January 24, 2023 (REUTERS / Saurabh Sharma) (STRINGER /)

On the other hand, a local police official informed the news agency Reuters that the rescue teams 12 people were pulled from the rubble, including two children.

Television channels showed piles of bricks and concrete and police teams clearing the rubble to search for survivors.

Uttar Pradesh Head of Government Yogi Adityanath ordered the district authorities, police and rescue forces to spare no effort, while asked hospitals to be alert to the possible arrival of victimsreported the office of the regional ruler.

According to Indian media, Hazratganj, the sector where the accident occurred, is occupied by several residential buildings, many of them very old constructionsincluding the collapsed building.

Accidents of this type are relatively common in India, often due to poor infrastructure and lack of maintenance.

With information from AFP, EFE and Reuters

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