A deputy detonated several grenades in a town hall in Ukraine and left at least 26 injured

A local MP detonated grenades at a village council in the western region of Zakarpattia in Ukraine, injuring at least 26 people, national police said on Friday (December 15).

According to a police statement on Telegram Messenger, the detonation occurred during the council session.

“26 people were injured, six of them in serious condition”the police said.

Police also posted a video on Telegram showing the officer entering the room, removing grenades from his pockets and throwing them on the floor. The video captured the moment of explosion and panic among those attending the council session.

Police initially said the officer had died, but in a later statement added that doctors were carrying out resuscitation measures. It was unclear how many grenades were detonated or what motive the deputy had.

Accidents involving explosives occur from time to time in Ukraine, which has been fighting large-scale aggression from Russia since February 2022.

A deputy detonated explosives in a Ukrainian town hall

Meanwhile, Hungary decided in the early hours of this Friday Block promised $50 billion in aid on the part of the European Union (EU) to UkraineAccording to statements by the Prime Minister, Viktor Orbánin social networks.

“Summary of the night: veto extra money for Ukraine, veto to the revision of the MFP (budget). We will return to the topic next year in the European Council after proper preparation,” he wrote Orbán in your X account.

Hungary had not participated on Thursday in the vote of the European Council that gave the green light to start of accession negotiations to the EU with Ukraine considering it a “wrong decision”, according to the same Orbán.

Hungary has decided that if the 26 (Hungary’s partners in the EU) want to follow that path, let them do it. Hungary “He does not want to be part of this erroneous decision and that is why he was not present at the vote,” the president said in a video published on the social network. Facebook.

Minutes before, the president of the European Council, Charles Michelhad announced through the social network start of the negotiation process with Ukraine and also with Moldova.

Orbán He assured for weeks that he would not support the start of entry negotiations in the EU with Ukraine.

Before the summit, the Hungarian leader met with several European leaders, such as the French president, Emmanuel Macronand the German chancellor, Olaf Scholzwho tried to convince him to lift his veto on the negotiations and the 50,000 million euros that Brussels has promised to Ukraine from now to the year 2027.

Hungary’s intransigent stance was what it took months the start of negotiations Kyiv that, anyway, could extend for years until formalizing their membership. Even before the start of the summit, Orbán had met with European leaders, to whom he confirmed that “Hungary’s position is clear and has not changed.”