A “disappeared” nephew is the one who accuses Ricky Martin of domestic violence

The Puerto Rico police have not been able to locate Ricky Martin to notify him of the complaint against him for alleged domestic violence and for which a judge has already set a date for the first hearing: July 21.

However, Ricky Martin has already spoken publicly about the subject and assured that the allegations are totally false.

In the indictment, it is claimed that Ricky Martin and the alleged victim were “related for seven months” and then separated. Supposedly, the singer, however, has continued to harass him since he did not accept the separation and calls him on the phone and even “hangs around” the house where he now lives.

Ricky Martin’s lawyers also pointed out that the accusation has no basis and that the truth will come to light to agree with the singer.

The accusation was filed under Law 54 of Puerto Rico, which was drafted and approved to protect the rights of victims of family violence and which, among other things, prevents the name of the complainant from being made known.

However, a half brother of Ricky Martin, the bodybuilder Eric Martin, published a video in which he assures that the complainant is a member of the family, “a nephew who has been missing” for a long time.

Eric says he doesn’t believe that nephew’s accusations. “If what you say happened to you is true, why didn’t you go to the family first?” he questions.

“I am fed up, I am not going to remain silent. That is why I have told them that we must be very careful with Law 54 because not all the people who denounce tell the truth.”