A divorced man murdered his children of one and two years by throwing them from the 15th floor and was sentenced to death along with his new partner

A man was sentenced to death in China for throwing his children from a fifteenth floor (Getty) (Getty Images / iStockphoto /)

A court in the central Chinese city of Chongqing sentenced a man to death for killing, by throwing them from a fifteenth floor, his two children in collaboration with his new partner., who has also received the maximum penalty, reports this Tuesday the local press.

The court assured that the double intentional homicide, carried out on November 2, 2020, was “Extremely cruel” and crossed “all lines of law and morality”, indicates the Sohu news portal.

The two brothers, a two-year-old girl and a one-year-old boy, died after falling from a great height in what seemed at first an accident.

However, the Police determined in the investigation that the minors were deliberately thrown and that the main suspect was the father, Zhang Bo.

File photo of a Chinese court.  REUTERS / Carlos García Rawlins
File photo of a Chinese court. REUTERS / Carlos García Rawlins (CARLOS GARCIA RAWLINS /)

Zhang began a relationship with the second defendant, Ye Chengduan, in April 2019, shortly after divorcing the victims’ mother.

Ye pressured Zhang to get rid of the children because neither she nor her family could accept a relationship with a man who already had children., report the local media.

According to the children’s mother, at the trial Zhang assured that, at the time of the events, he was holding a video call with Ye, who, cutting his wrists, threatened to commit suicide if he did not kill his children, after which the condemned man threw them out of the window of His appartament.

The court considers that the murder is the result of a conspiracy between Zhang and Ye.

The Chinese authorities do not provide official data on the number of those sentenced to death, but in its 2020 report on the death penalty, the human rights organization Amnesty International noted that “it is believed that thousands of executions were carried out” in the Asian country..

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