A dramatic stampede at a Halloween party in Seoul left more than 50 seriously injured

At least 50 persons They’re in Serious condition as a result of an apparent stampede in the neighborhood Itaewonin the center of seoulwhich each year brings together thousands of people during the celebration of Halloweenreported the fire department of the South Korean capital.

Videos shared on social networks show emergency teams practicing resuscitation maneuvers on dozens of people on the streets of Itaewon.

South Korean President, Yoon Suk-yeolhas ordered an emergency operation to provide first aid to those affected.

People perform CPR on victims in the streets

The fire department has reported that around 100 people currently require emergency medical assistance, including at least 50 of them who are on standby. cardiorespiratory.

The apparent stampede took place around 11:30 p.m. local time (2:30 p.m. GMT) in the vicinity of the Hotel Hamiltonin front of Itaewon Subway Station.

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Every year the Itaewon neighborhood, adjacent to a US military base, becomes the busiest spot to celebrate Halloween in Seoul.

South Korean authorities said the 50 seriously injured suffered a heart attack and it is feared that several may have been killed after the stampede by the large crowd advancing in a narrow street.

Choi Cheon-sikan official of the National Fire Agency, He said about 100 people were injured.

Stampede in South Korea
It gets registered several wounded

He said more than 400 emergency workers from across the country, including virtually all available personnel in Seoul, were deployed to the streets to treat the injured. Authorities did not immediately release the death toll.

Videos on social media show first responders administering CPR several people lying in the street.

Police also confirmed that dozens of people were receiving CPR on the streets of Itaewon, while many others were taken to nearby hospitals.

A local police officer said he was also informed that a stampede had broken out on the streets of Itaewon, where crowds of people had gathered for Halloween festivities. The officer requested anonymity, saying details of the incident were still under investigation.

Some local media reports earlier said that the incident occurred after a large number of people rushed to an Itaewon bar after hearing that an unidentified celebrity visited the place.

The president of South Korea, Yoon Suk-yeol, issued a statement asking officials to ensure prompt treatment for the injured and review the security of the venues. He also instructed the Ministry of Health to rapidly deploy disaster medical assistance teams and secure beds at a nearby hospital to treat the injured.

(With information from EFE and AP)


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