“A family of ten” will celebrate its 100th chapter with a tribute to Silvia Pinal

With the hashtag #UnaFamiliaDeCien the broadcast will celebrate with viewers Photos: Instagram @ familiade_10 / takebtake

After almost 14 years since its first broadcast, A family of ten will broadcast this Sunday, November 21 its 100th chapter. The hit comedy show will celebrate big with the presence of a much loved guest.

In conversation with Infobae Mexico, Andrea Torre, who gives life to “La nena” in the sitcom produced by Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo, He told what the public will be able to see this Sunday.

“Finally 100 programs, we cannot believe it, the truth is that this is done thanks to the media and the public that has followed us for almost 14 years, we are very happy because this Sunday we turn 100. She is a super special guest that the fans from A family of ten they have already seen her in the program, It is Mrs. Silvia Pinal leaving Mrs. Silvia Pinal, who is the owner of the building where we live together ”.

Andrea Torre
” The girl ” is an assistant to a ” government kindergarten teacher ” Photo: Instagram / @ andreatorreh

In the broadcast the cast of actors conformed by the same Ortiz de Pinedo, Zully Keith, Mariana Botas, Daniela Luján, Eduardo Manzano, María Fernanda García, Ricardo Margaleff and Carlos Ignacio, among others, will also pay tribute to one of the most outstanding television projects of the emblematic actress of the national cinema.

“Doña Silvia always wants us to run, I hope that in this chapter she doesn’t want to run us, that she stays with us starting the cake for these 100 programs, they are going to have an incredible time, having her is a wonderful thing, the public also loves her, and we also pay tribute to her with her program Woman, real life cases that many people know what this program is about, which has not been out for a long time.

The program that will air this weekend was already recorded last September, two months after it Silvia Pinal was admitted to the hospital for a medical examination that did not pose a risk to her health. Andrea Torre told how he saw her and how she developed in the forum of the comedy program.

A family of ten
Silvia Pinal recorded the program last September, two months after her hospitalization Photo: Televisa

“You don’t know how wonderful it is to work with Doña Silvia, she arrived super punctual, she was highly studied and allowed herself to be directed by Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo, it was wonderful. Having a figure like her is wonderful, she loves the program, we have long tablecloths. All perfect, super punctual, he did not miss one, he allowed himself to be directed perfect, he was not wrong, super kind, super loving, laughing a lot, doña Silvia perfect in the family of ten ”.

“It’s great to have her and at the same time we pay her a little tribute. We are celebrating, but at the same time we do not know what doña Silvia is coming to, that she wants to rush us, let’s see what she is going to do to us “

The 42-year-old actress stressed that in these turbulent times it is necessary to laugh and forget about calamities, for this reason she invited the public to follow the adventures of “the López family”.

Andrea Torre
Andrea Torre has been playing ” La nena ” for more than a decade Photo: Instagram / @ andreatorreh

“Very beautiful, very emotional, we had a lot of fun, we celebrated with her and we hope that all the public turn on their television this Sunday and laugh with us, that that we need now, laugh at the things that happen to us or at least forget about what happens in the world that we do not know when it will end, “said the actress in reference to the COVID-19 pandemic that continues to wreak havoc in the world.

On the evolution of her character, Andrea said that she enjoys a lot now that in the script they “make her dream” of the leading men of soap operas, a detail that the loyal audience of the broadcast has liked.

“’La nena’ has had a wonderful evolution, I have always liked the character because let’s say she is“ the normal ”of the family of ten, my fellow actors make fun of her saying that, but she is the most normal. And they say How can it be normal if she is the only one who works and married a good-for-nothing like ‘Aldolfo’?”, He counted between laughs.

Andrea Torre
The actress will seek to return to soap operas next year, without neglecting her role in the sitcom Photo: Instagram / @ andreatorreh

“Although she is a tender character who works who is in love with her husband, she loves her daughter very much, that despite the fact that she has a mother who really annoys her, loves her and adores her, I also love them” illusions of La nena “, because the husband does not help her, she wants a William Levy, an Erick Elías, a Diego Boneta, Fernando Colunga to appear to her, how am I having fun every time they put that on me running gag, and people have liked very much that they see her all tender and suddenly their fantasy of her appearing, first any man, and this season we have already named her, the Mexican soap opera gallants, “concluded the actress.


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