A famous hockey player helped stop “La Diabla”, the most wanted pimp in Spain who recruited Venezuelans, operated on them and forced them into prostitution

Robert Licitis helped stop “La Diabla”

Weeks ago the Spanish authorities included Leudis Isaac Corro Camacho, a transsexual nicknamed “La Diabla”, on his list of most wanted fugitives. His photographs began to circulate and the strategy worked: one of her clients, the well-known Lithuanian hockey player named Robert Licitis, gave her up.

Finally, ‘La Diabla’ was arrested last Wednesday in Germany, accused of sexually exploiting dozens of women and transsexuals captured in Venezuela, her country of origin, in several Spanish cities with the false promise of a job.

His nickname responds to one of the characters from the Colombian series “Sin Tetas No Hay Paraíso”, which also recruited women for prostitution.

Corro Camacho was wanted for the crimes of human trafficking, money laundering and criminal organization, being involved in the sexual exploitation of multiple women and transgender people in different parts of Spain, mainly in the cities of Zaragoza (east) , Oviedo (north) and Barcelona (east).

It recruited women and transsexuals in Venezuela, where they suffered from tremendous economic vulnerability. He promised them a job in Spain and then forced them to undergo breast augmentation and liposuction operations.

Once they traveled to Spain, they were locked up in apartments and sexually exploited to pay a presumed debt of 12,000 euros for the expenses incurred.

Some of their victims also reported physical assaults to the Police and even testified that ‘La Diabla’ made “sales” of women to other clubs or pimps when their victims “no longer gave performance.”

Robert Licitis LA devil
Leudis Isaac Corro Camacho was one of the three most wanted criminals in Spain

On occasion, the network sent some of these women to Germany, where they continued to be sexually exploited. “There prostitution is legal and the women make them earn a lot of money,” police sources explain, adding that “in Germany they do not know the language and there they were more isolated and more defenseless.”

The Civil Guard and the National Police had begun the operation a year ago to find her after two key testimonies: that of an 18-year-old pregnant woman who in October 2020 went to the hospital after receiving a beating and that of a woman who managed to escape from a department in Asturias where she was locked up and denounced the criminal organization.

“La Diabla” was one of the three most wanted criminals by Spain, who until his arrest appeared on the list released by Europol, Europe‘s Most Wanted 2021, along with Antonio Andamientos, implicated in the triple crime of Alcasser in 1992, and at drug lord Norbert Khöler. Until his arrest last Wednesday, it was only publicly known that “La Diabla” had managed to flee a police raid on a club in Caspe (Zaragoza) at the end of last year. Her accomplice and ex-boyfriend, a German tax policeman, had eloped with her.

In Germany, authorities revealed, “La Diabla” had already started working again.

With the arrest of this pimp, 41 people have been arrested since in 2016 Europol launched its relationship campaigns with most wanted criminals in Europe. Currently this list adds 54 claimed by 23 countries.


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