A fan inappropriately touches Alejandra Guzmán; she defends herself with a tambourine

During a concert by Alejandra Guzmán, just at the moment when she performs the song “Diablo”, a fan decided to jump on stage to hug the singer.

In a Tik tok that has gone viral, the singer is seen with her tambourine in the final stretch of the song when the woman runs up to her. Guzmán’s first reaction is to receive her but the woman, trying to hug her, touches her chest. Also, she tries to find her mouth to kiss her.

At that moment, Alejandra reacts and pushes her. She can be seen angry and immediately a security element grabs the fan from behind and takes her off the stage.

Alejandra, while the music continues to play, cannot control her anger and threatens to throw the tambourine she is carrying in the direction in which the fan was taken. She finally throws it, although in the video it is not possible to see if she hits the woman. Instead, it is seen that Guzmán points at her and reproaches her for her attitude.

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In the comments, there are some Guzmán fans who defend her and assure that the woman should not have gone on stage, much less tried to touch Alejandra.

But there are those who wrote comments to the effect that the singer behaved aggressively and rudely as the fan just wanted to be close to her.

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