A fortune! This cost Christian Chávez’s controversial charro suit

Christian Chávez refuses to stop wearing the suit at shows


Adán Terriquez is the man behind the controversial charro suit that Christian Chávez has worn in some RBD concerts.

The designer, despite the criticism, assures that although they say otherwise, the costume is made with all the characteristics of the charrería and that it does represent Mexican culture.

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Regarding the amount that a preparation of this type may cost, Terriquez affirms that in this case we would be talking about about three thousand dollars or 51 thousand Mexican pesos, since it has very expensive pieces.

“It has all the cuts, it has what the pants wear, which are super tight through the legs, it has the hood at the bottom so that the booty can fit in, He wears the charro button, the jacket is charro, the vest is charro, the bun is charro“, expressed the couturier before the cameras of the Ventaneando program.


Christian, for his part, refuses to eliminate that controversial piece from his show and feels that it is a way of inclusion, far from disrespecting the charros.

“What makes the shock is perhaps the color,” said the designer who has made clothes for great figures in the Mexican region.