A homemade bomb destroyed a vehicle from the Italian embassy in Greece and they found another device that did not explode

The explosion occurred during the night in the vicinity of Athens (REUTERS / Costas Baltas) (COSTAS BALTAS /)

explosive devices were found on Friday in two cars from the Italian embassy in Greeceone of which exploded without causing injuries, police said.

A homemade device exploded around 04:00 (02:00 GMT) and destroyed one of the cars, parked at the residence of the first counselor of the embassy, ​​on the outskirts of Athensaccording to the Greek police.

Another homemade artifact, placed near the second diplomatic cardid not explode, added the police, who opened an investigation.

The Italian Prime Minister, the far-right Giorgia Melonistated from Rome that it was “probably an attack originating anarchist”.

Meloni also expressed her “deep concern” about the events and showed her support for the Italian diplomat, Susanna Schlein.

For their part, the Greek authorities “firmly condemned the attack.”

“Such unacceptable actions do not in any way disturb the excellent relations and long-standing friendly ties between Greece and its partner and ally Italy,” the Greek Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

At the moment, the facts were not claimed, according to the police.

In Greece, attacks with handmade incendiary devices are frequent, which usually cause damage but no victims, against politicians, diplomats, banks or foreign companies. Normally, the police attribute them to extreme left or anarchist groups.

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.  REUTERS/Remo Casilli/File Photo
Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. REUTERS/Remo Casilli/File Photo (REMO CASILLI/)

Meanwhile, this Thursday it was announced that several exploding letters they were sent to Spain during the last two days. The Police explained that the explosive devices were directed to the Ministry of Defense of Spainstill Satellite Center of the European Union located at the air base Torrejon de Ardoz, on the outskirts of Madrid, a weapons factory in northeastern Spain that makes grenades that are shipped to Ukraine and one to the US embassy located in the Spanish capital.

The Policeman detonated a suspicious envelope found in the embassy of USA in Madridinformed the authorities of Spain on Thursday, a day after a similar package was sent to the embassy of Ukraine burst into flames when opened, injuring an employee.

We can confirm that a suspicious package at the US Embassy in Madrid and we are aware of reports of other packages being sent to other locations in Spain,” the US embassy told Associated Press. “We are grateful to the Spanish law enforcement for their help with this matter.”

The Police cordoned off a large area around the United States embassy in the center of the Spanish capital.

Likewise, a letter addressed to the president of the Spanish government Pedro Sanchezsimilar to the one that exploded on Wednesday at the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid, causing minor injuries to one person, was intercepted a week ago by the authorities, the Ministry of the Interior revealed on Thursday.

The “envelope with pyrotechnic material addressed to the president of the government” was “detected and neutralized by security services” from the Moncloa Palace on November 24, according to the ministry statement, which added that it was similar both in appearance and “content” to the one received at the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid.

The interception took place after the services of the Security Department of the Presidency of the Government, in the tasks of screening and filtering correspondence, detected a suspicious mailing. It was an envelope addressed to the Prime Minister, who had been sent by ordinary postal mailhas detailed the Ministry of the Interior in a statement.

Waiting for the definitive results of the analyzes that are being carried out, the envelope could contain a substance similar to that used in fireworksThe Interior Ministry reported this Thursday.

(With information from AFP and AP)

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