A man died in Germany after receiving an injection to enlarge his penis

The man received an injection with oil

A 32-year-old German man died after a failed injection to enlarge his penisin a case involving a man who posed as a doctor and who treated him in an apartment, according to local media reports.

The man, identified as Martin M., died of sepsis and organ failure seven months after Torben K., 46, inject silicone oil into her genitals. Torben K. admitted to giving the injection after the two met on a gay dating website.

According to prosecutors, Torben K., who is not qualified as a doctor, advertised his injection services through a social media ad. The procedure was carried out in his apartment in the city of Solingen. The man injected him into the penis and scrotum.

The defendant admitted to injecting several people for a price of $224.

We have discussed internally and decided not to comment on this case at this time (while the process is ongoing). We ask for your understandingsaid a spokesperson for the medical clinic where Martin M.

After the procedure, Martin M. began to experience breathing problems and sought help at the University Hospital Giessen. He spent several months in an intensive care unit before succumbing to sepsis, an overreaction of the body’s immune system due to infection.

Senior state prosecutor Wolf-Tilman Baumert told local media: “Unfortunately, the silicone oil ended up in the person’s bloodstream. This led to serious health complications and eventually to his death.

And he added: “The fact that the man requested the treatment is irrelevant from our point of view. The defendant acted in a highly immoral manner”.

Torben K. now faces charges of committing “dangerous bodily injury resulting in death and violation of the Alternative Medical Practitioners Act.” The trial is currently underway with a verdict expected later this month.

Liquid silicone injections for genital enlargement have been used for years, despite the risks involved. This cosmetic procedure is banned in the UK due to the serious risks involved. One of the main risks is a condition called siliconeoma, a severe inflammatory reaction to silicone in the tissues after injection, which then needs to be removed.

This case highlights the dangers of unregulated cosmetic procedures and the need for greater oversight and regulation in the sector. Germany has been identified as the “world capital” of penis enlargement surgerieswith one in five surgeries performed in the country, according to a report by Guardian.

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