A man insulted Pedro Sánchez during a live interview on Spanish Television: “Genocide, son of a p…”

A man insulted the president of Spain, Pedro Sánchezwhile being interviewed live by a journalist from the public channel Spanish Television (TV).

The reporter Daniel Sanchez reported on a driver who was using a mobile radar placed in the municipality of cazalegas (Toledo) to control the speed of those who circulated on a highway, according to the media abc.

“That Txapote votes for you, Sánchez”begins by saying the interviewee when the journalist consults him about the matter related to the mobile radar in the Toledo municipality.

“Tzapote”, to whom the man refers in the report, is Francisco Javier Garcia Gaztelua former member of the terrorist organization ETAconvicted by justice for his participation in various crimes.

According to abc, the interviewee who insulted Pedro Sánchez is not a traffic agent, nor a policeman. According to the outlet, he works for a private company that provided photos of the private radar to deliver them to the local council.

The journalist Dani Sánchez tried to speak again about the subject in question but the man continued: “That Tzapote votes for you, Sánchez. Socialist, son of a bitch, genocidal. Son of the big bitch”.

The reporter began to walk away from the scene while the man from behind continued to insult the president of Spain and the TVEfor being a state media. “Socialist, red shit”he screamed.

The man himself recorded the scene, in a video that showed how he threatened and insulted the journalists “Filoetarras! Fuck you sons of bitches! Stay away from me, you son of a bitch on TV! I’ll kill you hosts! Get out of my town! Bloodsuckers, manipulators!” he said.

Then the phone returned to the studio with the presenter trying to explain the uncomfortable situation experienced by her coworker. Minutes later, communication with Dani Sánchez was reestablished, who explained that he had been assaulted and threatened by the interviewee.

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