A man who left his wheelchair-bound daughter to die was found guilty of negligent homicide

Kaylea Titford (Facebook)

A man was found guilty of manslaughter due to gross negligence for letting his die teenage daughter in wheelchairfound dead in “seedy” conditions in the UK d.

Kaylea Titford16, was found dead in October 2020 in conditions that the court described as “unbecoming of any animal”, in the family home, in the town of Newton, Wales.

A jury in Mold Crown Court heard that a medical professional had not seen Kaylea for the last nine months of her life and that she had not returned to school in September 2020.

The teenager then weighed 146 kilos.

His mother, Sarah Lloyd-Jones, 39, pleaded guilty to gross negligence manslaughter last year, but his father, Alun Titford, denied the charges.

This Tuesday the jury found him guilty after more than seven hours of deliberation. Sentencing will be handed down on March 1.

Kaylea Titford
Kaylea Titford’s room (Heddlu Dyfed Powys police/PA)

During the trial, Titford explained that he had not taken care of his daughter because he was “lazy”.

Kaylea, who was in Wheelchairdied as a result of a inflammation and infection of an ulcerresulting from their obesity and their immobility.

According to him Daily MailAt the time of her death, Kaylea was motionless in her dirty bed: her hair was dirty and matted and she had not trimmed her toenails for at least six months. Her skin was also severely inflamed and ulcerated.

Kaylea was trapped in her bleak room, parts of her “rotting alive.” When asked during her testimony why she had let her daughter down so much, Kaylea’s father, Alun Titford, said: “I’m lazy.”

The emergency services that responded to the scene on October 10, 2020 described a “rotten” smell in the room. Worms were also found and experts believe they fed on the body, according to trial testimony.

According to the prosecution, the young woman, who since 2017 had no medical follow-up, didn’t get out of bed during the pandemic and his wheelchair had outgrown him.

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