A musician from Grupo Palomo appeared after three days missing and his wife asks for respect

Grupo Palomo musician appears alive


Without further explanation or detail about his disappearance, Rogelio Montes, a member of Grupo Palomo, gave signs of life and contacted his family on the afternoon of this Tuesday, August 22.

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The musician who was missing since el Saturday August 19 in Tuxpan, Veracruz, He appeared completely safe and sound, after the police authorities issued a search order to find him.

TO Roger, 45 years oldthey lost track of it, after Grupo Palomo presented itself at the Expo Feria de Tuxpan.

Rogelio Montes

Rogelio Montes is the father of a girl


“Friends, family has already appeared Rogelio is in the state of Tuxpan looking for a way to return to Monterrey. I thank you all for the chain of prayers from him, my husband is fine”, reported through Facebook under the user: Roy de la fuente.

Although it is unknown what happened around the disappearance, on social networks, netizens comment that Rogelio could have been “partying with another woman.

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Given this, the wife came out in front of the family and asked that false accusations not be made.

“As Rogelio’s wife, I ask for respect, I ask that respect my health and the integrity of our daughter.I have nothing to say about what is mentioned, “he said.

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