A Palestinian teenager attacked two Israeli police officers with a knife in the Old City of Jerusalem: one of them is in very serious condition

Israeli border police forces inspect a suspect after the Palestinian attack (FADEL SENNA/AFP) (FADEL SENNA/)

Two agents police were injured in a Palestinian attack this Monday at a police post at one of the entrances to the Jerusalem Old Cityin the occupied eastern half of the city.

The attacker stabbed border police officers of Israel – which operates in the occupied territories – at Herod’s Gate, one of the entrances to the Muslim quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem.

The Magen David Adom (MDA) emergency service reported that it treated the two injured, a woman in critical condition and a man with minor injurieswho were later transferred to the Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem.

“When we arrived at the scene we found a unconscious woman approximately 20 years old and a 20-year-old man who was walking,” said an MDA paramedic.

East Jerusalem
The knife used by the young Palestinian in the attack near the Old City of Jerusalem. (Israel Police)

The Palestinian aggressor was shot dead by other Border Police agents at the scene, according to police.

The police identified him as a 16 year old young man resident in the neighborhood of Issawiyain East Jerusalem.

Police said another suspect was detained nearby and “his connection to the terrorist and the attack is being investigated,” as officers searched the area to rule out the possibility of more attackers.

Jerusalem Palestinian Attack
Police cordon off the area (FADEL SENNA / AFP) (FADEL SENNA/)

Since Israel’s war with the terrorist group began Hamasis he third Palestinian attack to occur in East Jerusalem; one of them against the same police station today with a homemade firearm.

On October 12, a man shot and wounded two soldiers in the same location in East Jerusalem, the part of the city annexed by Israel.

On October 30, a Palestinian from East Jerusalem was killed after stabbing an Israeli police officer.

Since the start of the war in the Gaza Strip on October 7, at least 150 Palestinians have been killed in the West Bank by gunfire by Israeli soldiers or settlers, according to the Palestinian Authority’s Health Ministry.