A potato seller claims that he was a vocalist of the group Bryndis and sends a strong message to his former colleagues

The man who was selling potatoes claimed that he was a singer for the group Bryndis.


In an unexpected turn of events, a potato seller has captured the attention of social networks by stating that He was the vocalist of the famous Bryndis Group. This man, who has gone viral on TikTok, has sent a strong message to his former colleagues.

Street vendor claims to be former vocalist of the Bryndis group

The seller, identified as Regino Sánchez, assures that in his youth was part of the group originally from San Luis Potosí. However, he decided to abandon the project because the salary he received as a vocalist was not enough to maintain her quality of life.

Although the music industry seems to offer more possibilities for personal improvement, Sánchez assures that he is better off selling potato chips. “Here I earn more, here I earn 10 thousand, 15 thousand, sometimes even 20 thousand a week. They are potatoes with style, marinated, pigeons,” she said.

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Grupo Bryndis is a Mexican musical group from Cerritos, San Luis Potosí.


To prove the truth of his story, the potato seller sang a fragment of the song “Your betrayal”, where his voice timbre sounds identical to the studio version, some Internet users claim. This video has gone viral on social media, generating a lot of comments and speculation.

Besidessent a strong message to his supposed former teammates, where he said that he would ask them for more money in case they wanted him to return to the group: “If the group calls me, I will ask for one more increase, at least 10 thousand pesos per gig, no longer weekly,” he said.

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Potato seller retracts his story

However, in a recent video, Sánchez admitted that he exaggerated in his story. He assured that he is a great grupera music fan and who enjoys the songs of groups like Temerarios and Bryndis.

After the potato seller said that his story was not trueInternet users were disappointed by the deception, however, others claimed that he said this because the group could sue the man.

“They threatened him because he even said how much they paid him at Grupo Bryndis,” “Yes, but since Grupo Bryndis now has its vocalist, I think they told him they would sue him,” are some of the comments.

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