A protester broke into the middle of the Laver Cup match and set fire to his arm to protest against the use of private planes

The man who jumped onto the field to protest was wearing a T-shirt with the phrase “End UK private jets” (Photo: Reuters) (ANDREW BOYERS /)

In the midst of the moments of hubbub that were experienced during the first hours of action in the Laver Cup that will mark the farewell to professional tennis for Roger Federer, a scene charged with tension diverted attention. A activist burst onto the field in the middle of the meeting between Diego Schwartzman and Stéfanos Tsitsipás for protest against the use of private jets in the UK. However, the situation became tense when the person set fire to one of his arms.

The activist, who wore a T-shirt that said “End UK private jets” (enough of private planes in the UK), appeared in the center of the O2 Sand London when the Greek had won the first set 6-2 against the Argentine in what was the second match of the day in this exhibition tournament.

The fact could be known through photographs since the official transmission decided not to show what happened, as is the protocol that is imposed in sporting events so as not to promote this type of action. Could only see Tsitsipas’s surprised face when he was about to serve to start the second set and a panoramic shot from the roof of the stadium when it was removed. Then, through the images of the photographers of the place, it was visualized that he set fire to his arm before being removed.

As detailed by the British media The Mirror, the protester brought a flare-like object onto the field and set the field on fire, just before setting his own arm on fire. The shirt he wore sought to raise awareness about the effect of air travel on climate change. seconds later, three security agents took him and removed him from the premises.

This is how they removed the person who broke into the match (Photo: Reuters)
This is how they removed the person who broke into the match (Photo: Reuters) (ANDREW BOYERS /)

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