A provocative parade and a gloomy message for the future of Latin America

Rosario Murillo, Daniel Ortega, Nicolás Maduro and Miguel Díaz-Canel during the Nicaraguan’s inauguration in Managua. An Iranian official accused of terrorism participated in the event (Reuters) (HANDOUT /)

Daniel Ortega organized a provocative staging with high symbolic value. He followed, in painstaking detail, the book of other dictators who hugged him smiling on his day of glory. Miguel Diaz-Canel Y Nicolas Maduro They sheltered the 76-year-old Nicaraguan head of state, who will rule the Central American country for the fifth time in his life, although this time without annoying politicians in sight.

The image that traveled the world revealed the isolation to which Ortega submits his people even though his original plan was to introduce his old and new partners. He confirmed – in just an hour and a half of ceremony – that the democratic return will from now on only be a dream for those who ended up in prison for facing it at the polls and for those who had to face the always vinegary path of exile.

Because in addition to the dictators of Cuba Y Venezuela, the veteran boss of the Sandinista National Liberation Front had the brilliant idea of ​​giving a place of highest consideration to two other delegations whose governments are the antipodes of individual freedoms: Iran Y China.

To the delegate of the Beijing, Cao Jianming -Vice President of the People’s Assembly- the Chancellor put him on a plane Wang Yi by express request of Ortega. He wanted to show the rest of the planet his veneration for the Asian giant. She sat him on her right, very close to her, during the show mounted on Managua. When his presence was announced, a spontaneous jubilation seized the audience. The leader of the Chinese Communist Party (PCC), very respectful of protocol and forms, had to get up twice to greet and revere those who applauded him euphoric as if it were the very same Mao Tse-tung. So much obsequiousness will translate into dollars … that will go away. Thanks to Cao He wore his mask to avoid catching the COVID-19, nobody knew in the colorful act what was your reaction.

However, that Iranian Mohsen Rezai was there it was more than a provocation. The Vice President of Economic Affairs of Iran was the delegate of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to Nicaragua. And it was also, in 1994 a key piece in one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in the history of Latin America: AMIA. That July 18, 85 people were murdered in Buenos Aires. For this attack, the Argentine justice requested his international arrest in 2006.

Since then, it is to be believed that Interpol it should be in their footsteps. Last Monday when he hugged Ortega, to Diaz-Canel already Mature before the television cameras, the international police led by Jürgen Stock and bet on Nicaragua did nothing. Some ill-wishers suspect that an alleged influence of the Chinese regime over the body makes it lazier on some issues. Nor was the Argentine ambassador Daniel Capitanich noticed uncomfortable for having Rezai in front of him. The diplomat stayed in his place while they announced the presence of the fugitive among the most relevant guests. Funny how the Latin American brotherhood finds a limit when it comes to Iran.

The approach to Tehran deepens thanks to Mature. The Chavista is a great contributor to the oil needs of Iran. Both are generous to each other. partners in the oil trade with “ghost” tankers navigating the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. In Venezuela, the delegates of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard -from which Rezai He was part of and is considered a terrorist group – they are handled with total freedom.

For years the XXI Century Socialism It also knew how to give its members passports and documentation so that they could move freely through its territory and thus conduct business to finance all kinds of operations. Including those that contemplated the presence of Hezbollah in the region.

In his enthronement speech, Ortega referred several times to the U.S As the “yankee empire”. Candid idea, taking into account the opening of doors -and boxes- that the Nicaraguan patron made to China and Iran. Resentful at the increased sanctions imposed by the European Union and Washington that holiday, spoke about freedom and demanded that once and for all be installed “a true democracy”In those countries that accused him so much. In Nicaragua today 171 political prisoners are in captivity, some of whom were to run for the presidency in past elections. They couldn’t do it while behind bars. The underestimation of general intelligence seems to find no borders in some Latin American leaders.

Beijing, meanwhile, always promised megastructures in Latin America. Already Ortega He is seduced by the arsenal of money that competing with Panama for the canal trade. That engineering feat would involve years, billions of dollars, a monumental environmental impact, and incalculable concessions. A black hole for the future of Nicaraguans, thus posed.

Chinese businessman Wang Jing He sent the Central American dictator a letter on November 12 congratulating him on his electoral victory. Wang is a billionaire listed as one of the sponsors of the ambitious Grand Canal to which he tries to route hand in hand with the dictator’s son, Laureano Ortega Murillo, also sanctioned by the United States. For that, the businessman -the Chinese- created the company HKND Group.

Since 2013 the interoceanic project sleeps. But now in Managua they would seem determined to wake him up and set him in motion. TO Ortega Murillo -Advisor for Investments, Trade and International Cooperation- he has been euphoric in recent days. Radiant. He has already signed several nebulous agreements with the envoy of Xi Jinping to the assumption of his father, who do I call “mate Cao”. Beijing celebrates. I could have a military base in central America before a shovel digs the first hole to plow through the canal.

However, the fine print should be read. Or just open your eyes. The effectiveness of China in this type of pharaonic undertakings he does not have a good record. Ecuador can attest: the hydroelectric power station Coca Elbow Sinclair It is one of the biggest energy, ecological and financial headaches in the country. Port activity is not the strong suit of Chinese engineering, nor is the dredging of rivers or canals. It is a mystery what can happen to him Great channel, that could become the “great anchor” of Nicaragua.

The red carpet of Ortega came days after January 8 was celebrated in Buenos Aires a new meeting of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), a forum created by Cuba to counterbalance the Organization of American States (OEA). Argentina was in charge of its leadership this year. Strictly speaking, the group will not publicize any achievement in the matter of human rights for Latin Americans and will only allow to give a voice to the pariah states of the subcontinent, such as Nicaragua, Venezuela Y Cuba. Beijing It will also take advantage of this vehicle to get involved in the region. It was thus established in a document signed in december passed to allow the Asian regime to exploit strategic areas: security, agriculture, 5G, energy, infrastructure and communications, among others.

In this rarefied context, the Center for a Secure Free Society warned about a new “authoritarian wave” in Latin America, fostered in large part by China, Iran Y Russia, which had a secondary role during the assumption of Ortega, perhaps more doomed to suppress protests in Kazakhstan or threaten to destabilize Europe.

Those exocontinental countries, noted the think tank, is it so “capitalizingWhat they see as a new scenario in the region. According to the report, not only the Nicaraguan chiefdoms, Mature and of Diaz-Canel encourage that expectation. In 2021, the elections made possible the coming to power of Pedro Castillo in Peru and of Gabriel boric in chili. The first visited the embassy of Beijing he hardly assumed, in a peculiar and bizarre gesture of approach that surprised diplomacy manuals. The Chilean, for his part, is a Active anti-Israel militant calling for boycotting of its products, which moves Tehran.


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