A rocket launched from Gaza hit southern Israel

A missile launched from Gaza EFE/EPA/HAITHAM IMAD/File (HAITHAM IMAD/)

The israeli authorities have denounced this Saturday the impact of a rocket launched from the Gaza Strip and that it has caused no casualties or material damage, in which it represents the first attack by Palestinian militias with projectiles in a month.

The rocket has impacted on Saturday night on an unpopulated area in the south of Israelhas reported the israeli army. Islamic Jihad he had recently threatened a response to the deaths of several of his supporters in the West Bank.

Neighbors in the area have confirmed a large explosion, although the warning sirens have not been activated because the authorities had previously confirmed that it was going to an uninhabited area.

Israel has responded with airstrikes on Gaza on previous occasions when projectiles have been launched on Israeli territory. The last launch of a projectile from Gaza occurred on November 3.

Shelling from the Gaza Strip
Bombardments from the Gaza Strip (BILAL AL-SABBAGH /)

This is the first projectile fired from the enclave into Israel within a month.

“A rocket was fired from the Strip into Israeli territory,” the Israeli army said in a statement. As specified, the projectile fell in an open field, without causing injuries or material damage, and the alarms sounded only in non-residential areas.

This is the first shot from the strip in a matter of a month, after the launch on November 3 of another rocket that was intercepted by the Israeli anti-aircraft defense system.

Projectile launches by militiamen from Palestinian factions in Gaza tend to occur sporadically, and are usually responded to by Israeli bombardments on military positions of the Islamist movement. Hamas.

The Israeli authorities hold this group responsible for any aggression coming from the enclave, since it has governed de facto in the Strip since 2007, when it seized power by force.

Since then, Israel – which considers Hamas a terrorist group – has imposed a tight blockade on Gaza by land, sea and air that is considered a form of collective punishment by international organizations and human rights entities.

At the beginning of this past August, Israel faced the Islamist group Islamic Jihad in a strong war escalation with Gaza that left a balance of fifty Palestinians dead.

(With information from EFE)

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