A Russian freight train derailed near Ukraine after an explosion

The explosion of an “explosive device” on Monday derailed a freight train in a Russian region near Ukraine, causing no casualties, the local governor said.

An unidentified explosive device went off, causing a freight train to derail. no victims”, Alexander Bogomaz, governor of the Bryansk region, bordering Ukraine, said on Telegram.

According to this source, the incident occurred in a railway between the city of Bryansk and the town of Unecha. “Rescue services are working on the spot. The circulation in this section is suspended”, added Bogomaz.

In a statement, the Russian state railway company specified that the train locomotive caught fire after derailing. “Fire units are working on the scene,” she said.

The company claimed that, in addition to the locomotive, seven carriages also derailed, noting that the incident was caused by “the intervention of outsiders.” The middle Asset he had reported that the train consists of about 60 carriages, of which about eight went off the lines and caught fire.

Russia has suffered several acts of sabotage at military bases, army recruitment centers or railways since the start of the offensive against Ukraine in February 2022. But it is the first time that a derailment has been reported.

In early April, the Russian security services (FSB) accused Ukraine and the Western powers of trying to incite the Russians to sabotage and armed rebellion.

Also Monday, the governor of the northern Leningrad region, Alexander Drozdenko, said local power lines had been blown up by an “explosive device.” Drozdenko later stated that the FSB security service had opened a criminal case for “sabotage”.

missile wave

The air defense units of the Ukrainian Air Force shot down 15 of the 18 cruise missiles launched by Russia last night, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valerii Zaluzhnyi said Monday.

“Around 2:30 a.m., the Russian occupiers attacked Ukrainian territory from strategic aircraft: nine Tu-95 bombers from Olenegorsk, in the Murmansk region, and two Tu-160 from the Caspian Sea. In total, they launched 18 Kh-101/Kh-555 cruise missiles from the air,” he specified in a message on Telegram, collected by the agency ukrinform.

Liubov Vasylieva, 77, reacts after a shelling in Pavlohrad, in the Dnipropetrovsk region (Reuters) (STRINGER /)

For his part, the head of the military administration of the Ukrainian capital, Serhiy Popko, reported that the anti-aircraft defense managed to shoot down all Russian missiles and drones over kyiv last night.

“Tonight the enemy has launched another massive air strike against Ukraine. The second in a row in the last 3 days. According to preliminary information, the missiles were fired from strategic aircraft (type Tu95ms). The alert in the capital lasted about three hours, ”he indicated in a message on Telegram, picked up by Ukrainian Pravda.

He added that, once again, the Russians attacked “comprehensively, with cruise missiles and drones at the same time,” noting that there have reportedly been no civilian casualties or damage to residential buildings or infrastructure.

(With information from AFP and EFE)

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