A Russian missile destroyed part of a residential apartment building in Kiev

Two floors of the building were affected (REUTERS / Gleb Garanich) (GLEB GARANICH /)

A high-rise apartment block was hit by a missile overnight in Kiev as fighting between Russian attackers and Ukrainian forces raged, authorities said on Saturday.

“Today, a Russian missile hit an apartment building in Kiev. In the last 2 days, hospitals, kindergartens and orphanages in Ukrainian cities have been bombed. We demand a decisive response from the world and the isolation of Russia for its criminal acts”, explained the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Denys Shmyhalon his official Twitter account.

Emergency services said the number of casualties was being “specified” and an evacuation was underway. They posted an image online of the tower with a hole covering at least five stories on one side and debris strewn across the street.

The building was evacuated (Reuters TV via REUTERS)
The building was evacuated (Reuters TV via REUTERS) (STATE EMERGENCY SERVICES OF UKRA/)

The mayor of Kyiv, Vitaly Klitschko, wrote online that the building had been hit by a missile. He said in a video that the night had been “difficult,” with Russian “sabotage groups” in the capital, and insisted there were no regular Russian troops in Kiev but said they were trying to enter from various directions.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmytro Kulebatweeted a photo of the damaged apartment block.

“Kiev, our splendid and peaceful city, survived another night under attack by Russian ground forces, missiles. One of them hit a residential apartment in Kiev,” the official wrote on the social network.

In addition, he claimed: “I demand that the world completely isolate the Russian Federation. Expel ambassadors. Oil embargo. Destroy the Russian economy. Stop the war criminals of the Russian Federation!”

The exact number of victims could not yet be specified (REUTERS / Gleb Garanich)
The exact number of victims could not yet be specified (REUTERS / Gleb Garanich) (GLEB GARANICH /)

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defense of this country published a video recorded by the security camera of a nearby house, in which the moment in which the missile hit the building can be seen, an event that it described as “another crime”. of war against the civilian population of Ukraine.

“The rescuers are evacuating the residents of a high-rise building at 6A Lobonovsky Avenue, where a shell hit a residential building on the 17th and 18th floors on February 26”specified the Defense portfolio.

The Russian military said on Saturday that it had attacked Ukraine’s military infrastructure using air- and sea-fired cruise missiles.


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