A Russian tourist posed naked in front of a sacred mount in Bali: the authorities “purified” him and then deported him

The Russian tourist was deported for committing a “disgraceful act” (chila_brazila)

The authorities of Bali they have deportee still russian tourist who posed nakedfrom the waist down, in a photograph in front of the mount agungconsidered sacred on the Indonesian island where Hinduism is the majority religion, understanding that he committed a “disgraceful act”.

“The deportation has been carried out because (the Russian tourist) has committed an act dishonorabledeliberately pulling down his pants and showing his genitals in front of Mount Agung,” the governor of Bali said in a statement today. Wayan Koster.

The tourist was deported to Russia on Tuesday on a flight emirates with the Bali-Dubai-Domodedovo route, points out the Balinese Immigration Office in a note, in which it warns visitors: “Enjoy the beauty of Bali, but if they break the rules we will not hesitate to take severe action”.

Russian tourist Bali
The naked Russian tourist in front of Mount Agung (chila_brazila)

The deportation of the Russian citizen, who responds to the acronym EC and was photographed in front of the sacred mountain -the highest point on the island- on March 18, an image that later went viral on social networks, occurs in the midst of a local campaign against uncivil practices of foreign visitors.

“If there are behaviors that are not in line with local or national norms, and with Balinese culture in particular (…), firm measures will be taken,” the governor warned in the statement.

Before his deportation, captured in photos and videos by the Bali Immigration Office, the Russian traveler had to participate in a purification ceremony on the island, Hindu exception in Indonesia, the country with the most Muslims in the world.

With their repatriation they are already 72 foreign travelers deported from Bali since January, 20 of them Russianas confirmed today to EFE sources of immigration to the island.

Russian tourist Bali

More Russian tourists due to the war

The deportations follow other recent measures decided by Bali to control tourists, such as prohibiting them from traveling alone on motorcycles, after several accidents involving tourists, including Russians.

The Balinese authorities have also asked the government to study revoke the arrival visa of Russian and Ukrainian touristsdenouncing that the war situation has led citizens of these nationalities to work in Bali illegally.

The number of Russian tourists in Bali has been booming and they were the second nationality -after the Australian- with the highest volume of visitors, over 22,000, in January, almost a 13% more entries than the previous month, according to the latest figures from the Bali Tourist Board.

Russia and Ukraine are currently among the 86 countries whose citizens can still apply for a visa on arrival in Bali.

(With information from EFE)

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