A sailboat capsized on Lake Maggiore in Italy due to a strong storm: one dead and four missing

Rescue teams search for the missing in Italy’s Lake Maggiore

A young man died and four other people have disappeared when a sailboat capsized in which a group of 22 foreign tourists were celebrating a party on Lake Maggiore, in northern Italy, local rescue teams reported this Sunday.

The boat overturned in the Lisanza and Dormelletto area, in the Lombardy area, in northern Italy, due to a strong storm that caused her to capsize around 7:30 p.m. (5:30 p.m. GM) and then sank. When capsized, the sailboat went to the bottom and the people on board ended up in the water. Some were rescued by boats, and others swam to shore.

For now 19 people were savedof British nationality according to some media, while four people are being sought, one of them would be part of the two crew members.

boat capsized in italy

boat capsized in italy
Rescue teams use helicopters, boats and divers to search for the missing.

While the deceased would be one of the tourists, according to what was reported by the local media.

After rescuing 19 people, some of them had to be rushed to nearby hospitals, while the others were treated on the spot.

Authorities quickly began searching for the missing. However, rescue operations have slowed down. because of the heavy rain and darkness.

“A storm caused a very serious accident on Lake Maggiore: a 16-meter sailboat rented by tourists capsized. Firefighters from the Milan diving team, together with the coast guard, the helicopter rescue service are working on the scene. 19 people have already been rescued, unfortunately there is news of some missing,” the president of the Lombardia region wrote on social media. Attilio Fontana.

The touristy Lake Maggiore is located in the southern Alps and is the second largest in Italy.

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