A senior Chechen commander and member of the Russian Parliament was wounded in Ukraine and his boss Ramzan Kadyrov asked for help to find him.

Adam Delimkhanov, Chechen congressman and commander (Sputnik / Reuters) (SPUTNIK /)

A senior commander of the Russian Chechen forces fighting in Ukraine has been injured, the Russian Defense Ministry TV channel reported on Wednesday, Zvezda (Star)citing the press service of the lower house of Parliament, the State Duma.

Adam Delimkhanovwho is a member of the Duma and commander of the Chechen division of the Russian national guard, is considered the second-highest-ranking official in the Caucasian region, behind only Ramzan Kadyrov.

In a message posted on Telegram, Kadyrov wrote that he was unable to contact Delimkhanov, and asked for help finding the commander.

I ask Ukrainian intelligence to provide me with information about the exact location and positions of the attack, so that I can find my dear brother-in-law. I promise a generous reward and ask for your help.“, wrote.

Ramzan Kadyrov (Reuters)
Ramzan Kadyrov (Reuters) (CHINGIS KONDAROV /)

Delimkhanov’s parliamentary aide said she had no information.

Delimkhanov, a former Chechen separatist who eventually went over to Moscow along with much of the region’s leadership, has played a prominent role in the Russian military campaign in Ukrainecommanding Chechen forces in Mariupol in the early days of the conflict.

Ukrainian media had reported early on Wednesday that Delimkhanov had been killed in an artillery attack in southern Ukraine. Ukrainian political commentator Kirill Sazonov claimed on Facebook that Ukrainian commandos had ambushed Delimkhanov’s entourage in the Zaporozhzhia region.

Subsequently, Russian State Duma Chairman Vyacheslav Volodin told lawmakers that Delimkhanov “is alive and well.”

Kadyrov reacted by stating that he could not contact his partner.

As reported by RT, Delimkhanov, 53, has been described by some as Kadyrov’s right-hand man, and was also a commander of the Chechen forces that participated in the military operation against Ukraine. Last year he was awarded the country’s highest military decoration for his bravery during the fighting in Donbas.

Adam Delimkhanov at the siege in Mariupol (Reuters)
Adam Delimkhanov in the siege in Mariupol (Reuters) (CHINGIS KONDAROV /)

Chechen forces were key in the siege of Mariupol and were among the occupying forces that killed civilians in kyiv suburbs.

Kadyrov has repeatedly used social media to boast about the alleged performance of Chechen fighters against Ukrainian troops and to make other unconfirmed statements about the war in Ukraine.

His troops have been accused of war crimes in Ukraine. It’s known that the leader himself accompanies his soldiers in their maneuversalthough he has denied having participated in any extrajudicial execution.

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