A Spanish media published a report that reveals the demands that Messi had to continue in Barcelona

The Spanish newspaper El Mundo published a revealing report on Messi.

Boxes at the Camp Nou and private planes to spend the holidays in Argentina, a millionaire bonus for signing the contract and a ridiculous termination clause. These would have been some of Lionel Messi’s demands to renew his bond with Barcelona before packing his bags to go to Paris Saint Germain. the spanish medium The world published a report in which he detailed even an explosive phrase by Jorge Messi in the midst of the negotiations to prolong his stay on Catalan soil.

Before messimania moved to Paris, there was long negotiations between those close to the Argentine and the Board of Directors that at that time presided over Barcelona in the first half of 2021. Only in early August was the departure of the best player in culé history confirmed, who had no consolation in announcing an unexpected farewell for his own and alien. Messi embarked on a new adventure, the first at club level far from the entity that formed him, he saw him develop and strengthen himself, but before that a lot of water ran under the bridge.

“Messi’s brutal demands on Barça: ‘Let them feel the sword on their head'”, is the title of the article that the Madrid newspaper published in the last few hours. The textual reference is to a comment that George Messi would have done to Alfonso Nebot, director of the Family office Leo Messithe company that managed his fortune, in an effort to reach an agreement that would benefit his son as much as possible.

The image that was not repeated: Bartomeu and Messi (Reuters)
The image that was not repeated: Bartomeu and Messi (Reuters)

In the note it is stated that Messi expressly requested a private box at the Camp Nou stadium for his family and that of his close friend Luis Suárez, as well as a private plane to travel with your loved ones to Argentina during the Holidays. Meanwhile, he demanded €10 million for the sole signing of your renewal contract, as well as charge back the losses it had suffered due to the cuts during the pandemic, applying 3% interest in its favor. Plus? The famous termination clause amounting to 700 million euros had to be replaced by a symbolic figure of 10 thousand euros.

The world accessed a series of emails exchanged between the parties. This documentation belongs to an investigation that includes the so-called Barçagate, in which other figures from the club such as Gerard Piqué, Xavi Hernández or the Brazilian Neymar were implicated. It was mentioned that Joseph Maria Bartomeu, former president of the Catalans, would have agreed to all the requests except for the reduction in his exit clause. Meanwhile, he attached the bonus of 10 million per signing to the income that the institution had as a projection in the coming season.

The formal talks between Barcelona and Messi would have started in June 2020, a year before the culmination of a link that the Argentine star had signed in 2017 in exchange for €555,237,619. The lawyer for the Rosario family, George Percourtwould have managed the extension of two years of contract with 20% salary reduction for 2020/2021 (in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic), although the recovery of that discount for the following 24 months (10% per year), plus 3% annual interest. At the same time, he raised another parallel request: that the club assume the commitment to pay Rodrigo Messi (Lionel’s older brother) the commissions that corresponded to him for being the representative of Ansu Fati.

Messi's departure from Barcelona generated an impact worldwide (REUTERS / Albert Gea)
Messi’s departure from Barcelona generated an impact worldwide (REUTERS / Albert Gea) (ALBERT GEA /)

Oscar Graywho was serving as CEO of Barça, had suggested that the salary reduction in Messi’s contract be outside the 30% or up to 40%, based on the losses that the club would record due to the lack of ticketing, hospitality, VIP boxes, tourists, museum and shops throughout the pandemic process. “If it were possible, a reduction between 30% and 40% would be very favorable, as long as it could be assumed by you and it would not cause any damage to you on a day-to-day basis”, was one of Grau’s messages, who promised that everything would be compensated “in future exercises”.

“Agree on the renewal for one more year with a section indicating that each of the following seasons will automatically be renewed if Leo doesn’t say otherwise before April 30, we think it would be a perfect deal for everyone. Being the best player in the world and spending his entire career at his club is something very positive that shows the greatness of the person towards his colors. I would like to agree on it, but I understand that next year there will be elections and a new president”, were some of the words that Bartomeu used to Jorge Messi in full negotiations.

The father of today’s figure of PSG responded, among other lines: “On the possibility of Lionel continuing to be part of this club, it will always depend on how it goes in the future and the direction that the world takes after this happens.”


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