A stockbroker with a great success record predicted the Qatar World Cup champion

The trophy that the 32 selected yearn to get in Qatar

In just under two months, 32 teams will bid on qatar for keeping the trophy world Cup. In the previous one, there are several candidates for the title based on the physiognomies of their teams or the proper names that make up their teams. Now, it is difficult to risk who will keep the crown that Kylian Mbappé and Antoine Griezmann’s France obtained in Russia 2018.

In this context, a stockbroker with a high percentage of correct answers appealed to a model that predicts who will win the next World Cup. Is about Joachim Klemen, Strategist at Liberum Capital Ltd. and with more than 20 years working in financial services, who made his hypothesis public last Tuesday.

To arrive at the prediction, Klement’s model considers the current strength of the team, but also other elements that have nothing to do with football, such as socioeconomic variables. According to his experience in other research, these variables affect the performance of an international soccer team, such as population or GDP. Although he also includes condiments linked to “chance” in the cocktail, as he stated in the aforementioned interview.

In addition, he boasted of having hit the key in the 2014 and 2018 World Cups, when he claims to have anticipated that Germany would win in Brazil and France in Russia. And in 2022, the runner believes that the Argentine team captained by Lionel Messi will be consecrated after beating England in the final.

Messi kisses the Copa América in 2021, after beating Brazil at the Maracana (EFE/Andre Coelho)
Messi kisses the Copa América in 2021, after beating Brazil at the Maracana (EFE/Andre Coelho) (ANDRE COELHO/)

More: Klemen raised that the Albiceleste will eliminate Spain in the semifinals before giving the blow in the definition and winning the World Cup for the third time in its history, after the triumphs in Argentina 1978 and Mexico 1986.

It is common for several investment banks to make their predictions before the great sporting feats based on the models they use in their daily work. “Since I’ve been in financial services, if there’s one thing I’ve perfected, it’s how to find excuses for wrong predictions. If I’m right, it’s skill, and if I’m wrong, it’s someone else’s fault.”, the agent warned, in case his advance payment fails.

However, fans of the Argentine team are excited about the possibility of seeing Messi champion in his fifth World Cup, and after the disappointment of 2014, when those then led by Alejandro Sabella stumbled in the final against the Germans. Not to mention if it occurs in a definition against England, in a duel with rivalry as the main seasoning.

The moment in which Italy won the European Championship final against England on penalties (REUTERS / Laurence Griffiths)
The moment in which Italy won the European Championship final against England on penalties (REUTERS / Laurence Griffiths) (LAURENCE GRIFFITHS /)

It is that there are many high-impact duels that they starred in World Cups. From the controversial meeting in the quarterfinals of the competition in 1966 that the locals won with a controversial arbitration, going through the legendary performance of Maradona in the 2-1 in Mexico 86 (with “La Mano de Dios” and the best goal of the history of the World Cups), the penalties in France 98 with the expulsion of Beckham and the triumph of the Three Lions in Korea-Japan 2002, a competition in which the Albiceleste was left out in the group stage when they arrived as favorites.

In addition, both selected teams are going through an interesting current situation: Argentina has just won the Copa América after beating Brazil at the Maracanã in 2021 and England reached the last game at the European Championship last year, in which they stumbled from 12 steps against Italy. Both squads boast top-level figures, enough to animate a great show in the final, if Joachim Klemen’s prediction comes true.


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